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Bangladesh Meets New York Runway ~ Zoan Ash

Bangladesh Meets New York Runway ~ Zoan Ash

Sultana Ash, the designer for the Zoan Ash Couture label, brings Bangladesh beauty, glamour, and royalty richness to the New York Runway. The recently launched label hits Style Fashion Week with couture for every woman who loves feeling elite.

Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17

The labeled launched April 2016 in Bangladesh in the heart of the shopping center Concord Colosseum. The launch was well accepted and stated to be, “amalgamation of royal personal expression that is inspired by wanderlust.” Zoan Ash website

Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17

Ash bringing her fall-winter 2017 to New York is a dream comes true. This collection brings a richness with the fabric choice, colors, and detailed embellishments and embroidery. Luxurious golds fill the collection from the details to the fabric choice. Each embellishment is well thought out with the design, embellishment, and fabric.

The richness ties back to the labels origination of Bangladesh. The Swarovski crystals, rhinestone, gold and silver ornamentations capture the light at the right location adding a beautiful accent to a woman’s form.

Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17
Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17

The texture and volume are created with the use of ruffles, lace, and trains. The lace brings a strong sense of romance and femininity. The ruffles bring a volume to the dresses creating a spirited fun. The trains provide a great movement in the gowns that are perfect for red carpets, formal evenings, and more.

The designer continues with the seasonal trends seen during New York Fashion Week. She has some play on sleeves, exceptional dresses in beautiful red, and sheer design for a beautiful sex appeal.

Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17
Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17

The couture collection includes cocktail dresses for a less formal evening. These designs are full of just as many details. The design provides a fun flirty sense for an evening out.

Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17
Sultana Ash, Zoan Ash Couture Designer

The collection inspirations, “beauty and sophistication,” is seen in each detail of every design. The fall-winter collection stays true to the labels aesthetics of elegance, sexy, and beauty from the designer’s homeland, Bangladesh. The collection comes to Style Fashion Week in New York bringing an elite design for the next glamorous moment, including The Oscars. 

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