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Beauty Travel Tips and Guides ~ Beauty Hacks

Beauty Travel Tips and Guides ~ Beauty Hacks

Beauty travel tips are important to keep up a healthy skin and look. Traveling across the county, you began to see changes in my beauty routine and skin care.

Denver Colorado Road Trip beauty 4Chion Lifestyle Cherie and Tammy Forchion
Road Trip Cherie and Tammy Forchion

Beauty Care Importance

The road trip began in Arizona a dry desert climate, through the Rocky Mountains a high elevation and snow, to the Midwest where the humidity is high, and New York the big city with pollution and urban heat island. The road trip and flight to New York all played a confusing nightmare on my face, hands, and feet, but most of all my lips.

The time on the road took away from the value of continued daily beauty care. The long hours sitting in a car with air condition or heat added to a dryness and dehydration. The value of drinking water on the road trip makes a difference. It provided a way to curb the food cravings (fast food or high-fat (foods) especially keeping the hunger down. This provides much need moisture for your skin and body.

Travel Tip Burt's Bees Facial Mask 4Chion Lifestyle beauty
Facial Mask

Beauty Lip Care

The first thing that was the biggest change my lips they were dry and peeling. Using the toothbrush helped some to keep the dry skin, but after getting lipstick on for the day reapplying Burt’s Bees Flavor Crystals 100% Natural Lip Balm. This was a great help during the day to keep the lips moist and the crystals helped with the dry skin.  Please note this does not have sunscreen but with the other lip products used i.e., lipstick did have SPF.

Beauty Eye Care

The road trip experience was wonderful. It was great seeing the beauty of the country, but that also creates the issues of changes in climates, time zones, and sleep patterns. Looking tired and swollen eyes Garnier Skin Active clearly brighter anti-dark circle eye roller. This provides a nice covering of the dark circles and reduces the swelling.

Beauty Skin Care 

Dry skin for me was more than an oily change. It is important to keep your skin moisturized. Burt’s Bees products have been a brand used for decades to provide skin care. Many hotels now have an extra charge for makeup left on towels. The Facial Cleansing Towelettes work well to clean your skin from the long day and road dust while saving the towel. One evening this was an unscheduled stop because of snow. It made it an early in the evening perfect to dedicate to focusing on personal skin care.

We enjoyed an evening of deep face cleansing, moisturizing, and face and lip masks while at the Eagle River Lodge in the Colorado Rockies. My sister and I felt so refreshed. We took the time to give our feet much-needed attention. They were swollen and tired from sitting in the car most of the day.  While we beautified we enjoyed a marathon of Tom Hanks movies.

Beauty Hacks from Kelly Anne Hair

Kelly Anne Hair provides some great insight “due to the summer heat and California dryness I always travel with Tomboy wicked body wash. I love the moisture that it adds to my skin it keeps my skin soft. I also Travel with whipped Shea butter but I add Castro oil to it. I use on my lips, hands feet elbows anywhere on my body for that beautiful healthy skin feel and look.” She has a great choice of men’s products for their specific beauty care needs.

Beauty Care Tips

A few other tips to help with a healthy road trip outcome:

  • A few days if a long trip you can go without makeup a day or two (yes photos are important but it is ok to go without).
  • Choose food that is on the healthier side there are many great selections.
  • Make sure to stop often during the day to walk around. Pick a few sites along the way to explore and experience travel.
  • Sleep is key try to make sure you are getting plenty of rest. Using Maple Holistic Pure Lavender Essential Natural Aromatherapy Oil is wonderful to have to help with sleeping and travel stress.
  • Keep ahead of headaches, nausea, and your sinuses. Maple Holistics has a great Pure Peppermint Essential Oil that assists with keeping an upper hand on travel needs.

The road trip was a great opportunity to experience life, food, family, friends, and new experiences. Keeping your beauty routine in play helps keep you healthy and looking fabulous for those great adventures.

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