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Kathryn Burns Emmy’s Creative Arts 2016 Red Carpet

Kathryn Burns (Kat) joins us on the red carpet at the Emmy® Creative Arts Awards. She danced her way to an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography in My Crazy Ex Girlfriend. She is the first choreographer nominated working with a scripted series.

Joining her for the Emmy Creative Arts evening was her gorgeous mother and father. It is an exciting evening and red carpet for the family. Her family plays a large role in her dance career. She began dancing fromher older sister’s influence.

Kathryn Burns dance training includes tap, ballet, contemporary, but her passion is hip-hop. After college, she moved to Hollywood. She was her dream wa a backup dancer but released she was too tall and white.

Kathryn turned her attention to comedy. This was not as successful as she envisioned. This left her feeling a little in between dance and comedy. One day someone asked her about dancing when she was doing comedy. She said, “I am a trained dancer.” This question changed her world.

This opens doors to use her comedic training and dance to choreographing for the scripted comedy. She continues to work at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, presenting live comedy. Improv, sketch, and stand-up.  She has enjoyed being here for over 10 years.

The challenges with choreography with a written script are working with people who may not have formal training, working within the set, characters, script, and camera angles, while meeting comedic timing. Kathryn said, “It is such an honor and humbling experience being recognized by my peers in dance.”

Crazy Ex Girlfriend awarded one Emmy Creative Arts for Outstanding Choreography 2016.




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