Fashion Week

Fashion week coverage brings you the current trends for creating your best personal style. Our coverage provides the best world-wide from women’s wear, menswear, and celebrity styling.

New Lines ~ Commatteo

Net Chit Commettao Style Fashion LA 4Chion Lifestyle
Net Chit Commettao Style Fashion

Antonella A Commatteo, designer of Commatteo, takes the runway wearing asymmetrical top with a peek-a-boo short underneath. The attention to her personal style concludes the runway with a strong influence lines created in the collection. Read more here.

Equal Beauty ~ Dair

Dair Art Hearts Fashion LA 4Chion Lifestyle g
Dair Art Hearts Fashion LA

Odair Pereira, Dair designer, creates collections that emphasis a personal identity. Dair’s fall winter 2017 collection at Art Hearts Fashion Week at the Beverly Hilton  is clothing that brings equality and beauty to everyone. Read more here.

Embracing ~ Shahida Parides

Shahida Parides Style Fashion LA 4Chion Lifestyle
Shahida Parides Style Fashion LA

Shahida Parides fall winter 2017 collection, shown at Style Fashion Week LA, embraces nature, culture, and color for each woman. The runway collection embraced women throughout history, roles, and lifestyle. Read more here.

Alicia Machado and Daughter Stun With Grace and Beauty  

Metropolitian Fashion Week Autism Speaks 4chion Lifestyle

Alicia Machado graces the red carpet with her beauty in a gold form-fitting gown at the Metropolitan Fashion Week at Warner Brother Studios Saturday evening. She brings a bright smile and personality to the event. She becomes the spotlight of the media and they surround her. Read more here.

Beautifully Autistic ~ Autism Speaks La Vie En Blue

Kara Ann Autism 4Chion Lifestyle
Kara Ann Autism

Metropolitan Fashion Week and Autism Speaks presets En Blue 2016 Fashion Gala. This evening is to honor the 70 million affected by autism world-wide. The evening filled with glamour, honor, and autism awareness. Read more here.

A True Supermodel ~ Arnaud De Champvigy

Arnaud De Champvigy joins us at the Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala & Awards. He brings his contagious smile, looking dapper in his dark tuxedo by Giovanni Testi with a nice touch of red. Read more here.

The Flower Girl ~ Ava Capra

Ava Capra joins us on the red carpet at Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala & Awards Show.  She graces the red carpet in a gorgeous lace top double slit gown with her best friend Brandon Cole Bailey. Read more here.

Woman Power ~ Loretta Swit

Loretta Swit joins us on the red carpet at Metropolitan Fashion Week. She walks the red carpet with grace, beauty, and joy. She is wearing an elegant red gown that she designed. Read more here.