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Fashion, Pop Culture, and Film ~ Habana 3 A.M.

Fashion, Pop Culture, and Film ~ Habana 3 A.M.

Habana 3 A.M. with the character Max Vogue premieres at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. This fashion film was the first fashion film to film in Cuba. This film creates a fashion journey with drama, adventure, and culture. Director Antonio Contreras Aviance takes a moment to discuss this history making fashion film.

Antonio Contreras Aviance Director Performing at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
Antonio Contreras Aviance Performance at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
Antonio Contreras Aviance Performance at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
  • What makes this a fashion film?

Fashion is what inspired the main character of this film, Max Vogue. He is an angst-ridden fashion superhero who seeks for the truth.

  • How does location play into the screenplay of the film? 

I had in mind filming in Cuba to capture the glamour and luxury. Cuba provided a perfect backdrop for 1950s and juxtapose the traditions. The mysticism and folklore of Cuba. The location of the film gave birth to the film’s title Habana 3 A.M.

  • What is your background in film and direction? 

I am a plastic artist, fashion historian and film enthusiast. I grew up watching Mexican Golden Age of Cinema films. Later I developed a love for the Italian neo realism. My formal education was in the films of David Lynch, Almodovar, John Waters, Gus Van Sant among others. When I direct, produce, the film is my canvas.

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet LJFFF 4Chion Lifestyle
Habana 3 AM La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet
  • This fashion film had the opportunity to film Cuba. What were some of the struggles and benefits to filming at this location?

In Cuba, people have a way of making things out of nothing, and that seems to work in a very surreal way. If you try to do things the way you are used to, you will fail but if you surrender to the forces of the supernatural you might have a chance. My cameras did not work and the location I had a permit for filming was closed for renovation.

Suddenly a priestess of Santeria, a mystical Afro-Cuban tradition, opened her doors to my cameras and brought with her an entire Cuban cast. This cast was willing to participate in my film. The cameras worked thanks to a very creative cameraman who knew how to read Chinese (the only language that the camera directions had). Then the filming finished in 5 days.

Habana 3am La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle -10
Habana 3 A.M. La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
  • When creating this film what was the advantage of being a short film?

The advantage to creating a short film is being able to intrigue a lot of people with a little dose of fashion, music, luxury, and folklore. I did not have to explain more, and that is always a good thing, “Leave before you are left.”

  •  This film collection includes an animation called Max Vogue what is the back-story to creating the animation?

Yes, if you want to know what happened to Max Vogue after his Cuba trip, you will find out in the animated comic. Max is pushed down the stairs after winning an award, and then he goes into an “Alice in Wonderland” type of experience. He is able to travel through time and meet his icons such as Dali, Kahlo, Hemingway, Schiaparelli etc.

Max in the comic educates and amuses about fashion history, pop culture and art. Did you know: Yves Saint Laurent was in a mental institution for a while, Thierry Mugler was an architect and photographer, Coco Chanel spent her childhood in an adoption center and never was adopted, and Alexander McQueen had planned to commit suicide in front of a live audience? All these mysteries Max will reveal during the upcoming episodes.

Max Vogue Print 1.1 La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
Habana 3 AM La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

·       What other locations this film will be screening?

The film will show in South Africa, this is the 5th edition in 2018. I am a regular guest of the festival. This is the location I met the designer Hendrik Vermuelen she designed the gowns for Habana 3 A.M. The festival of Havana in Cuba, a digital library. They will put the film in their digital library honoring the first fashion short filmed in Cuba.

Habana 3 A.M. received the International Fashion Film Award Best Jewelry to PK Bijoux. Her couture jewelry is the last piece you want to take off. The fashion film drama brings fun, history, and culture to screenplay.


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Ariana Grande ~ Beauty on Stage and Red Carpet

Ariana Grande ~ Beauty on Stage and Red Carpet

Arianna Grande is Artist of the Year at American Music Awards awarded at the Microsoft Theater. This honor presented after a fan based voting earlier in the year. Grande graced the runway, performance, and award acceptance with her personal styling and beauty.

Ariana Grande AMAs Red Carpet

Grande arrives on the red carpet wearing Alexander McQueen white wide leg pants with a Sarrieri Half Cup Demi vintage bustier lace top. The season’s trend is adding that vintage period piece to your modern styling. This piece is a great choice adding sweet romance to the evening. The shoe for the evening is Ruthie Davis Cara Boots. This is perfect as the red carpet is damp from the rain.

Her make-up for the red carpet is simple neutrals with a bold matted purple lip. The jewelry designed by Irit Design. A perfect high ponytail (her signature hair) is a nice touch to the simple styling for the red carpet. Grande presents a great style with a strong confidence on the red carpet.

Ariana Grande AMAs Performance 4Chion Lifestyle
Ariana Grande Performance at American Music Awards 2016 Photo D’Orazio & Associates

Grande’s style changed from the sweet romance to the sexy jungle for her performance of “Side of Side” from her “Dangerous Woman” album. This performance with Nicki Minaj included half-naked backup dancers.

She kept the high ponytail wrapped with a Maxior hair gold cuff. Her outfit was a one-shoulder leaf printed crop top and mini skirt. This is custom design is from Baja East. The fish net stockings complete the sexy jungle. This styling added a strong sex appeal to Grande’s performance of sexual equality of bump and grind.

Ariana Grande American Music Awards 4Chion Lifestyle
Ariana Grande Presented American Music Awards Artist of the Year 2016 Photo D’Orazio & Associates

The night closes with Grande receiving Artist of The Year. She kept with the red carpet styling theme. She added a vintage piece with her jewelry. Her sweet earrings and necklace from Doves by Doron Paloma are a classic timeless feel.

She wears a black crop top designed by Derek Lam. Her slouchy white pants designer Proenza Schouler. The pants have a flared bottom, but the top featured a wrap-around effect. She wears the same boots from the red carpet.

Her hair remained in her well-known high pony tailed wrapped in black. Grande’s makeup was the neutrals with a bold matted lip.

Grande dedicates the award to her fans. She thanks her fans for their continued support of her music and career. Her grandmother Marjorie Grande joins her for the award-winning evening. Congrats Ariana Grande on a successful evening.


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Photo Credit Photo D’Orazio & Associates