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LV Day Spa ~ Relaxation and Beauty

LV Day Spa ~ Relaxation and Beauty

LV Day Spa is a local spa in Laveen and central Phoenix. This spa not only does manicures and pedicures, but exceptional beauty, spa, and massages.  They create an environment that is warm and welcoming.

LV Day Spa Nails Feet 4Chion Lifestyle a
LV Day Spa

Each place environment is clean. This is one place that many patients with health concerns like diabetes or lymphedema can go for nail and foot care. Many doctors and physical therapists recommend this place. The owners take cleanliness seriously.  The company brings in a cleaning company daily, stabilizes equipment, and protects your health with their high standards.  This adds to the environment at each place.

The locations environment give relaxation, and calm. There is flowing water and elegant furnishing for comfort and enjoyment. The beautiful chandlers bring elegance with great lighting.

LV Day Spa Nails Feet 4Chion Lifestyle

The staff is well-trained with a broad knowledge of the services and products they offer. The receptionist takes the time to make sure that you know the wait time, help with your service needs and supports the staff. There is often water, mimosa, and wine offered while you enjoy your relaxing day.  Andy, his wife, and the staff bring a positive service meeting your beauty and spa needs.

LV Day Spa Nails Feet 4Chion Lifestyle c
LV Day Spa

The services provided by LV Day Spa include:

  • Manicures and Pedicures
    • Delux Manicure
    • Gel Manicure
    • Classic Manicure
    • Organic Pedicure
    • Signature LV Pedicure
    • Deluxe Pedicure (the basins are clean and lined with each use)
    • Gel Pedicure (this is highly recommended)
    • Hot Rock Pedicure
    • Classic Pedicure
    • Speedy Pedicure
  • Spa Services
    • Nails
      • Gel Polish (this set provides great nails that last a long time)
      • Regular Fill
      • Liquid Gel
      • Acrylic Nails
      • SNS Sets and Manicures
    • Waxing Services
      • Upper Lip
      • Eyebrow
      • Chin
      • Forehead
      • Full Face
      • Legs
      • Arms
      • Chest
      • Back
      • Brazilian (females only)
      • Bikini Shape (females only)
  • Massages
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massages
    • Therapeutic Massages
    • Prenatal Massages
  • Medical Spa Services
    • Botox
    • Dysport
    • Juverderm
    • Restylane
    • B12 Shots (wonderful for long weeks covering lifestyle events)
    • Sclerotherapy
  • Day Spa Packages
  • Tanning Services
LV Day Spa Nails Feet 4Chion Lifestyle d
LV Day Spa

LV Day Spa is the spa difference everyone should experience. It is worth the drive to Laveen or Central Phoenix. This will become your place for your beauty and spa needs for the best in your lifestyle. They give us great services for all our red carpet and lifestyle coverage.


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Connect with LV Day Spa here:


3556 West Baseline Road #150

Laveen AZ 85339


Central Phoenix

7227 South Central Ave #1060

Phoenix AZ 85040



A Woman’s World, The Beguiled ~ Cannes

A Woman’s World, The Beguiled ~ Cannes

The Beguiled Red Carpet Cannes Film Festival
The Beguiled Red Carpet Photo Credit Mathilde Petit FDC Cannes Film Festival

The Beguiled is one of the most anticipated films at Cannes Film Festival. Director, Sofia Coppola, brings the woman’s point of view and how it was for these women during this time period. The original film was from the man’s point of view. This point of view brings a new dynamic to the melodramatic remake.

Film synopsis At a girls’ school in Virginia during the Civil War, where the young women are sheltered from the outside world, a wounded Union soldier is taken in. Soon, the house is taken over with sexual tension, rivalries, and an unexpected turn of events.

The Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film

This film is a remake of (The Beguiled (1971).  Both films based on the novel The Beguiled by Thomas Cullinan. The first film brings the male perspective of a wounded Union soldier. Coppola brings the story back with the perspective of the women in the boarding school.

The Beguiled Movie 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Movie Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film

The revisiting of The Beguiled creates its own dynamics. Coppola says, “I never tried to remake the film, go back and tell my story. I wanted to forget that and to imagine how I would make this film.” She brings the women’s stories and perspective to the forefront.

Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film

Coppola discusses the film being a feminist film, she states, “It is up to the audience to determine how they want to take it. I put my thoughts into film and you can determine how it affects you. I was making the film from the female point of view. The core of the story is the power struggle between the male and female.” The story brings this struggle to the center of the film.

Living in a boarding school atmosphere where they are all women who are functioning well, until the new dynamic, Farrell enters the school. Kidman states about Farrell’s character, “I think he comes in an ruins everything. We were fine. We only could not procreate. Good riddance to him.” The dynamic changes for each person in the film.

The Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Kirsten Dunst, plays Edwina Dabney in the film, says “all these people pent up together no matter male, female, or a mixture. There will always be something that comes out it is a survivalist technique. Colin just happens to be what all our aggression, energy, and emotions corseted up, let’s say. They get unleashed because this new dynamic comes in.” This does bring a change for the girls attending the boarding school.

The Beguiled Nicole Kidman 4Chion Lifestyle
The Beguiled Nicole Kidman CreditFDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Nicole Kidman recalls Martha Farnsworth, her character in the film, “is very maternal. Kidman states, “She is there to protect these girls in a very treacherous difficult time. Her motivation is to protect them, to guide them, to bring them, so when the war ends they are capable.” Farrell’s character makes it difficult for the continued protection.

Colin Farrell, John McBurney character in the film, states “It has been a journeyman to get here. Many miles of roads and many corsets. It was an amazing experience shooting this film. Coppola sets a particular mood, one that is of comfort, of ease, trust, and an environment that allows you as an actor to explore and play. It was my favorite experience and shoot. Sophia is a creative beast of an engine with tenderness, elegance, and a gentility.”  Looking forward to this film? It will be in theaters June 20, 2017.

The Beguiled Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle b
The Beguiled Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Just a few fun notes from the press conference Kidman and Coppola often swiped their hair from the left side of their faces at the same time. Kidman discusses working through mistakes, “I try to focus on the positive. Sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed.  That is the journey. You just get back up. . . You fall over you brush off your knees and get back up. It is a really really hard thing to do. You cry and you feel. It is not saying don’t feel, but experience it navigates and get move through it. . . I’ll learn from everything.”

This 70th year will continue to evolve film worldwide. Stay tuned here for coverage of events from fashion, red carpet, actresses/actors, and films.


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Cast and Crew

Colin FARRELL – McBurney

Nicole KIDMAN – Miss Martha

Kirsten DUNST – Edwina

Elle FANNING – Alicia


Angourie RICE – Jane

Addison RIECKE – Marie

Emma HOWARD – Emily

Sofia COPPOLA – Director

Sofia COPPOLA – Script / Dialogue

Philippe LE SOURD – Director of Photography

Sarah FLACK – Film Editor

(Groupe) PHOENIX – Music

Anne ROSS – Set decorator

Photo Credit Photo Credit FDC Courtesy Cannes Film