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Rising Above ~ Dustin Quick

Rising Above ~ Dustin Quick

Meeting Dustin Quick at LA Swim Week 2015 was a fabulous evening. Quick with her husband Medi eM performed the opening act. Quick continued the evening with a great runway showing.

Quick brings solid talent and exceptional beauty to her modeling, acting, and performing. She is always rising above to bring great entertainment to her audiences.

Dustin Quick Art Hearts Fashion Week 4Chion Lifestyle b
Dustin Quick with her Husband Photographer Raymond L Forchion Jr.

How did your life’s journey bring you to modeling, singing, acting, and performing? 

“When I was five, my mother took me to see The King and I at the Omaha Community Playhouse, created by Marlon Brando‘s mother and the Fonda’s.  Between the vivid, silk costumes and exotic makeup, my senses were piqued, so once I saw two children actors on stage, I quickly nudged my mom and whispered, ‘How did those kids get up there?’  She replied, ‘I think they had to audition’, so I asked her to take me to the next one which was for, ‘A Christmas Carol’.   We showed up to a big room filled with pro-kids and stage moms who had recorded accompaniment or sheet music, we didn’t know to bring anything, so when it was my turn, I sang, ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’ a cappella with some moves on the fly, and they cast me as the new angel.”

As an entertainer and fashion model, what is one piece of insight would you share?

“Stay in school, #Instafame is fleeting, an education is an asset that you can trust in for life.”

You released a new music video. What can we expect with this song and video?

“Medi eM is a guitarist/composer, I write and sing the lyrics, and on this song, ‘Heartbeat‘ we both sing about what happened when we found each other.  When two heart cells are near each other, they start synchronizing their beat, so Medi fused his flamenco and house music backgrounds to create a tribal rhythm that gets hips shaking, together.  The video is a symbolic story of us, our love freed each other, and set our hearts on fire.”
Dustin Quick LA Swim Week 4Chion Lifestyle k
Dustin Quick wearing Grace Moon

What is the one thing you do each morning to start off your day?  

“I open the curtains in front of our bed which looks out to our fruit trees, I’ve seen a mockingbird feed her babies (I call her Mama Rockingbird), put the tea on, and then curl up with Medi in bed, and we watch the political satire that aired the night before together. “

When was there a time when an event went from stress to best? 

“Yes!  I was asked to model the finale look for these gorgeous couture hats.  The incredibly talented millinery (hat designer), Annette Higgins picked the perfect dresses to compliment her creations, and my gown was a gorgeous full, floor-length satin strapless number to match her biggest hat ever, in a luscious shape and classic red.  The only problem is that my torso is just naturally built more narrow than most (designer Sue Wong affectionately says that I’m size, ‘sub-zero’), and as a result, strapless dresses end up becoming belts on me.  Now, this show had grand steps coming down to the runway, so I’m backstage quietly trying to figure how I wasn’t going to face-plant for the grand finale.  I tried puffing out my chest and then wrapped a padded bra around underneath to keep the dress up, and clinching the strap built inside the dress for support, all to no avail.  This is when I start lamenting myself for not bringing my taller heels.  I was freaking out internally because I didn’t know how I was going to be able to walk in the show without becoming a YouTube fail.  So I prayed, and the inspiration came to me to draw from flamenco dancing and hold the dress up like a bullfighting femme fatal enticing her mark to tango with her.  The crowd applauded, the designer loved it, and I got to feel like I was in a Fellini film.”
 Working fashion shows what is a typical day start to finish?
“My call time is usually 4 hours before showtime, so that morning I eat, shower, pack my bag, do my nails, rush out the door and race to the runway  Once hair and makeup is done, I get dressed carefully, line-up, wait (this industry is the genesis of the phrase, ‘fashionably late’), strut like I mean it, red carpet photos with the designer, and then find Medi!”

An image is an important addition to the rise in selfies what is one focus you think could improve a person’s image?

“I actually don’t care for basic solo selfies, but I know people take them sitting in their car because it’s good angle and lighting.  However, unless it’s a dope car, or you just passed your driver’s license, it’s too common, so I would focus on replicating that angle and lighting that reveals more of the person’s imagination.”

Dustin Quick LA Swim Week 4Chion Lifestyle c

Dustin Quick wearing David Tupaz. photo: Leo Malevanchik

You present a great cohesive style. How did you discover your personal style?

“Awe thank you, well I’ve been passionate about fashion since I was pre-school I only wanted to wear silk, satin nothing too cutesy like big buttons, denim or dresses without waistlines.  Although I was otherwise a really good kid, honestly the only time I ever got upset was when my mother or sister had me wear something I didn’t like.  One winter my mother had understandably forced jeans on me, I took them off in the car on the way to the sitter’s house, and ran out in the snow pant-less because I didn’t want to wear ‘boy clothes’.  My mother is a traveler, so she took me with her to Spain when I was 6 and fell in love with a long Flamenco dress, I kindly pleaded for her to buy it, I wore that gown from when it was too long on me too when it became skirt length.  Throughout school I was known for wearing unique outfits, from hats every day for a year (including a raspberry beret), lime green patent leather heels, to a long body-con velveteen leopard print Betsy Johnson dress (and years later I met her backstage right before I was going on the runway what a vibrant fabulous force she is!)  I have since learned to appreciate denim, and have traded in the outrageous for more body-con and couture, but the passion is still there.”

What is one winter fashion/beauty tips you use?

“For winter fashion, accessories keep functional layers exciting, so Obelo Jewelry, Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, and Artizan by Robin Barre are my goto’s for interesting statement pieces.  As for beauty, although I use Sunless Beauty Organic Spray Tanning and self-tanner throughout the year, in winter it’s obviously more essential I love that it’s organic and it smells like dessert. I’ve also fallen in love with TNT Agency for make-up, and I will be wearing all of them to award season and on New York Fashion Week runways in the new year.”
Quick will continue rising with appearances on red carpets, runways, and more during the upcoming year.

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Connect with Dustin Quick here:
Dustin Quick LA Swim Week Photo Raymond L Forchion Jr.
Dustin Quick wearing Lisseth Correo with Medi eM and Academy Award winner Lawrence Bender at Medi eM
Dustin Quick wearing Kicka Custom Design at Metropolitan Fashion Week
Dustin Quick wearing Isla Aditi at LA Swim Week
Dustin Quick with Tammy Forchion at La Swim Week
A New Reputation? ~Taylor Swift

A New Reputation? ~Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift released a single titled Look What You Made Me Do shortly after removing all images and posts from social media. The video premiered on Good Morning America and seen at the Video Music Awards (VMAs). This styling is a throwback of the fashion and styling Swift has graced at many red carpets, music videos, and award shows.

Taylor Swift’s Fashion

Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do
Taylor Swift Styling

She wears a J. Mendel dress (Out of the Woods video), Balmain red cutout dress (2009 VMAs), Oscar de la Renta baby pink gown (2014 Met Gala red carpet), KaufmanFranco one-shoulder gown (worn during her acceptance speech at VMAs), and the Ballet West swan ballerina costume (Shake It Off Video).  There are many new pieces included in the video including a dominatrix style jumpsuit with Fendi thigh-high boots. Her hair and makeup changed throughout the video fitting different moments in her past performances and an evolution of a new Swift.

Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" Video 4Chion Style
Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” Video
Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" Video 4Chion Lifestyle
Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” Video

Taylor Swift’s Styling

Her styling includes a vast jewelry with each outfit change. The jewels include:

  • Borgioni diamond hoop earrings set in ebony wood
  • Borgioni diamond snake ring Borgioni diamond snake bracelets
  • Borgioni diamond set in rose gold ear cuff
  • Lydia Courteille double finger ruby ring
  • Lydia Courteille diamond snake cuff
  • Mattia Cielo diamond in carbon fiber ring
  • Noudar black diamond double finger rings
  • Gilan diamond snake ring
  • Le Vian diamond with ruby snake ring
  • Le Vian morganite and diamond rings
  • Bulgari Serpenti diamond necklace
Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me jewels 4chion Lifestyle
Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me” jewels

The changes in styling in the video are many and come with deep meaning. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section about your interpretation of the video.


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Purchase the single here:

Watch the video here:

Connect with the brands here:


J. Mendel

Oscar de la Renta


Ballet West


Bulgari Serpenti

Le Vian



Mattia Cielo


Photos provided by D’Orazio & Associates

Ariana Grande ~ Beauty on Stage and Red Carpet

Ariana Grande ~ Beauty on Stage and Red Carpet

Arianna Grande is Artist of the Year at American Music Awards awarded at the Microsoft Theater. This honor presented after a fan based voting earlier in the year. Grande graced the runway, performance, and award acceptance with her personal styling and beauty.

Ariana Grande AMAs Red Carpet

Grande arrives on the red carpet wearing Alexander McQueen white wide leg pants with a Sarrieri Half Cup Demi vintage bustier lace top. The season’s trend is adding that vintage period piece to your modern styling. This piece is a great choice adding sweet romance to the evening. The shoe for the evening is Ruthie Davis Cara Boots. This is perfect as the red carpet is damp from the rain.

Her make-up for the red carpet is simple neutrals with a bold matted purple lip. The jewelry designed by Irit Design. A perfect high ponytail (her signature hair) is a nice touch to the simple styling for the red carpet. Grande presents a great style with a strong confidence on the red carpet.

Ariana Grande AMAs Performance 4Chion Lifestyle
Ariana Grande Performance at American Music Awards 2016 Photo D’Orazio & Associates

Grande’s style changed from the sweet romance to the sexy jungle for her performance of “Side of Side” from her “Dangerous Woman” album. This performance with Nicki Minaj included half-naked backup dancers.

She kept the high ponytail wrapped with a Maxior hair gold cuff. Her outfit was a one-shoulder leaf printed crop top and mini skirt. This is custom design is from Baja East. The fish net stockings complete the sexy jungle. This styling added a strong sex appeal to Grande’s performance of sexual equality of bump and grind.

Ariana Grande American Music Awards 4Chion Lifestyle
Ariana Grande Presented American Music Awards Artist of the Year 2016 Photo D’Orazio & Associates

The night closes with Grande receiving Artist of The Year. She kept with the red carpet styling theme. She added a vintage piece with her jewelry. Her sweet earrings and necklace from Doves by Doron Paloma are a classic timeless feel.

She wears a black crop top designed by Derek Lam. Her slouchy white pants designer Proenza Schouler. The pants have a flared bottom, but the top featured a wrap-around effect. She wears the same boots from the red carpet.

Her hair remained in her well-known high pony tailed wrapped in black. Grande’s makeup was the neutrals with a bold matted lip.

Grande dedicates the award to her fans. She thanks her fans for their continued support of her music and career. Her grandmother Marjorie Grande joins her for the award-winning evening. Congrats Ariana Grande on a successful evening.


Winners of the AMAs 2016 located here.

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Photo Credit Photo D’Orazio & Associates

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