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Testimonials ~ 4Chion Lifestyle

Testimonials ~ 4Chion Lifestyle

Meet the wonderful people and organizations we work with. Our lifestyle magazine brings the very best to our readers and lifestyle brands. You can read what each lifestyle brand has to say about our services. Your lifestyle deserves the very best.

We have the honor of covering or working the following:

  • Oscars®
  • Emmys®
  • SAGS®
  • Golden Globes®
  • Style Fashion Week
  • Art Hearts Fashion Week
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Film Festivals
  • Travel
  • Restaurants/Food

Todd Barrow Musician

Mission BBQ ~ North Carolina Barbecue

D’ Jesus ~ The Walking Man

Bangers and Lace ~ Chicago Restaurant and Bar

Sleepy Creek Vineyards ~ Midwest Winery

Kanela Breakfast Club ~ Chicago Restaurant

Lizet Esquivel Martínez ~ Fashion PR Consultant

Lorelei Shellist ~ Author, Director, Model, and Designer

Rocky Gathercole

Honee Persona ~ Fashion Designer

Joey Galon

Veronica Kerzner ~ Style Fashion Week

Mckenzie Olsen

Brenda Liz

Dustin Quick

Kenn Gray, C.I.D. of Kenn Gray Home

Rayan Dumasia

Yvette Fintland

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