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Month: June 2022

Le Vian’s 23rd Trends ~ Sentiments of Our Feelings

Le Vian’s 23rd Trends ~ Sentiments of Our Feelings

Le Vian’s 23rd red carpet sentiments of our times and feelings. Le Vian’s 23rd trends are sentiments the way jewelry invokes emotions. The glamour from jewelry is the exclamation point in fashion.

Le Vian Choosing your Pieces with Sentiment

The choosing of your jewelry for just everyday is about the emotions and the mood of the moment. Your signature piece should be one you can wear everyday as well a favorite red carpet evening. Jewelry is expression of emotions, moments in life, and personality.

Le Vian holds the annual trend event at The Venetian. This season is taking this moment of choose from engagement, baby rings, pearls for your girls, and the piece you can wear to work each day. Le Vian is giving itself a new mission of articulating the most relevant consumer sentiments with life events.

Le Vian’s 23rd Trends

Godiva x Le Vian

There is nothing like chocolate and diamonds to invoke emotion. The choice becomes intense as you see the selection in this collection. “This first creative interpretation of the power, pleasure, and wonder of chocolate. This collection of delectable Chocolate Diamond jewels, inspired by GODIVA’s exquisite premium chocolates, was made with love, to be savored this year and forever.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast An absolutely delicious collection.


The chocolate diamond is quite luxurious with a touch of richness. The brings the glamorous and elegance to your everyday life. “

Euphoria is an intense feeling of, “bliss, excitement and happiness. It is epitomized by embracing our obsession with relishing and indulging in the finest, richly flavored, artisan Chocolate.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast

This collection brings in a new sensation of twisting and windy chocolate diamonds. The way life tends to drift at times is a great way of wearing your emotions. The collection is, where ribbons of Chocolate Diamonds® wrap around a design. Savor the mouthwatering shavings of gourmet chocolate and fulfill your sweetest indulgences.” This collection brings the rich windy luxuriousness of life to your jewelry selection.


Tranquility is at times in life far reaching. When it is very presence is inner peace and calm. This collection draws in the subtones fo pink and purple with the presence of periwinkle. This collection’s stones Blueberry Tanzanite™, Blueberry Sapphire™, Sea Blue Aquamarine®, Denim Ombré®, and Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire™. The blue color palette, “has long been associated with relaxation, calm contemplation, dreamlike moments and that unique sense of contentment we call tranquility.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast These pieces can bring the tranquility and calm or bring it to those around you.


This is a favorite collection of beautiful creations of life. This collection brings the animals we love as pets or just in nature. The favorite from this collection is the octopus necklace. The power and beauty of this super creature brings you the sense of power and beauty.

The creates emotion list is endless from the rebirth from the butterflies, Dragonflies represent hope, change and love, and lobsters notorious of restoration and cleansing. The selection is vast and you will find the perfect piece to draw out your emotions and experiences.


The best part of life is being spontaneous and enjoying each moment. The enamel, “the fresh, enticing, electrifying colors of Le Vian Enamel bring moments to life, infusing them with energy and joyful impulses – the perfect antidote to routine and restriction.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast The color selection is truly spontaneous and fun. This is a new distinct look for all seasons.


The bright Le Vian Sunny Yellow Diamonds® surrounds optimism. They will for sure be the jewelry collection to take optimism with you. “Optimism sparkles like rays of the sun, lighting up our darkest hours.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast

The collection brings the optimism of bees. “The hard working, dedicated and united teamwork of bees has emerged as the inspiration for Le Vian’s Bee Positive™ message.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast This is created with honey gold. It is, “reminding us of the prized gift of honey that they cultivate with determination.”


Platinum is the perfect choice for this collection. It is, “is the precious metal of resilience, purity and high style. The Le Vian Platinum Collection™ grounds us, symbolizing our inner strength.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast The precious gemstones and diamonds created in platinum turn to generational jewelry keeping memories alive while creating new ones.


The last few years balance has taken on a new road and adventure. This is so needed during these times. Le Vian created these using emeralds while taking into consideration the symmetry of the stones for the balance needed at this time of humanity. They use, “precision angles and finely cut corners result in a centered and balanced shape, whose elegance steals the show.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast

This is your chance to be ahead of the upcoming fashion, award, and holiday season. Check out Le Vian and you can reserve your favorite emotion invoking pieces.

What is your favorite piece from the collections? Post your answer in our comments here.


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75 Years of Cannes Film Festival

75 Years of Cannes Film Festival

75 years of the Cannes Film Festival brings us back to more normal times. A celebration of art, talent, and film.

75 Years of Cannes Film Festival Party

The red carpets were filled with the world’s best film creators, actors, actress, and photographers. They all were dressed to the nines and ready to watch the top films of 2022.

The films created during a time of world wide struggles of war, refuges, pandemics, and shortages unseen in these days. They showed up the best to compete and remind us that human beings are resilient and move forward to bring us emotions, feelings, and life.

These films competed, some films released here on the world front of film, and film makers to spark the next great film.

Feature Films

Palme d’or

Triangle of Sadness directed by Ruben Östlund

Grand Prix (jointly awarded)

Close directed by Lukas Dhont

Stars at Noon directed by Claire Denis

Award for Best Director

Park Chan-Wook for Heojil Kyolshim (Decision to Leave)

Award for Best Screenplay

Tarik Saleh for Walad Min Al Janna (Boy From Heaven)

Jury Prize (jointly awarded)

EO directed by Jerzy SKOLIMOWSKI

Le Otto Montagne (The Eight Mountains) directed by Charlotte Vandermeersch & Felix Van Groeningen

75th anniversary Prize

Tori ET Lokita (Tori and Lokita) directed by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne

Award for Best Actress

Zar Amir Ebrahimi in Holy Spider directed by Ali Abbasi

Award for Best Actor

Song Kang-ho in Broker directed by Kore-Eda Hirokazu

Short Films

Palme d’or

Hai Bian Sheng Qi Yi Zuo Xuan Ya (The Water Murmurs) directed by Jianying Chen

Special Mention

Lorie (Melancholy of My Mother;s Lullabies) directed by Abinash Bikram Shah

Un Certain Regard

Un Certain Regard Prize

Les Pires (The Worst Ones) directed by Lise Akoka & Romane Gueret

Jury Prize

Joyland directed by Saim Sadiq

Best Director Prize

Alexandru Belc for Metronom

Best Performance Prize (jointly awarded)

Vicky Krieps in Corsage directed by Marie Kreutzer

Adam Bessa in Harka directed by Lotfy Nathan

Best Screenplay Prize

Mediterranean Fever directed by Maha Haj

Coup de cœur Prize

Rodeo directed by Lola Quivoron

Caméra d’or

War Pony directed by Riley Keough and Gina Gammell, presented as part of the Un Certain Regard Official Selection

Special Mention

Plan 75 directed by Hayakawa Chie

La Cinef

First Prize

Il Barbiere Complottista (A Conspiracy Man) directed by Valerio Ferrara Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italie

Second Prize

Di Er (Somewhere) directed by L iJiahe Hebei University of Science and Technology School of Film and Television, Chine

Joint Third Prize

Glorious Revolution directed by Masha Novikova London Film School, Royaume Uni

Les Humains Sont Cons Quand Ils S’Empilent (Humans Are Dumber When Crammed up Together) directed by Laurène FERNANDEZ La CinéFabrique, France

Higher Technical Commission (CST)

The CST jury has awarded the CST ARTIST-TECHNICIAN AWARD 2022 to the entire sound crew headed up by Andréas Franck, Bent Holm, Jacob Ilgner and Jonas Rudels for the film Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Östlund and the

CST Young Film Technician Award to Marion Burger, head set designer for the film Un Petit Frére (Mother and Son) by Léonor Serraille.

Non-Competition Cannes Film Festival

There are a few films that do not compete each year. So do release their films for world premiere.

COUPEZ ! Director Michel Hazanavicius

Elvis Director Baz Luhrmann

Fumer Fait Tousser Director Quentin Dupieus

Hunt Director Lee Jung-Jae

L’innocent Director Louis Garrel

Mascarade Director Nicolas Bedos

Moonage Daydream Director Brett Morgen

Novembre Director Cédric Jimenez

Rebel Director Adil El Arbi, Bilal Fallah

Three Thousand Years of Longing Director George Miller

Top Gun: Maverick Director Joseph Kosinski

Looking forward to a great year of entertainment and films.


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Thank you to Festival De Cannes for press and image updates.