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Barbecue Time

Barbecue Time

There is nothing like a great barbecue with family, friends, and neighbors. Barbecuing techniques include smoking, roasting or baking, braising and grilling. We traveled across the US looking for the best.

Sugarfire Smokehouse Barbecue

St. Louis is known for its arch and barbecue. Today I enjoy the meal with my sister Cherie. This being a late Sunday afternoon we realize that many locations are not open, but find one near the ball field, SugarFire SmokeHouse BBQ!

This is an award-winning restaurant under Chef Mike Johnson has studied with Myron Mixon, cooked with Emeril Lagasse and Charlie Trotter. It was a great experience of community, exceptional food (sweet potatoes the best) and BBQ pork and salmon.

St. Louis BBQ is grilled then sauced instead of dry rubbing, slow cooking over indirect heat. St. Louis is the top consumer of bar-be-cue sauce. The sauce is tomato-based and sweeter. The coffee BBQ sauce is tangy and sweet. This is the top area for pork steaks.

Mission Barbecue

Williamington NC Vacation 4Chion Lifestyle d
Mission BBQ Wilmington NC

Always looking for good BBQ traveling across the country. Each area has its own special BBQ. Wilmington’s Mission BBQ is American and traditional to the area. This place brings the flavors of the region to dinner. Enjoying collard greens made with tomatoes, mac-n-cheese, and green beans with bacon, brisket and NC Style pulled pork with the vinegar BBQ (this food tradition is from original settlers, African slaves on plantations and modern ones). This is an Eastern-style sauce that is vinegar and pepper, no tomatoes. Barbecue is serious here making it all the way to state Congress to declare the official bar-b-q.

Mission BBQ opened 09/11/11 ten years after 911. There is a tradition in the 52 restaurants stops at noon on Fridays to honor the military members and stars and stripes. The decor follows this continued theme with a patriotic dining room full of tributes to those who make our country great. There is really nothing more American than a barbeque.

The staff is exceptional and gives a lot of insight into food and history.  The food is a delicious find.

Smokey D’s Barbecue

Lunch with my dad is at Smokey D’s BBQ in Des Moines, Iowa. The year of BBQ adventures and the history of each region is fun. My dad enjoys a half rack of ribs; I go for a lighter side with a veggie wrap. The menu includes great home comfort foods. The fries are crispy and seasoned. The ribs fall right off the bone. Next time I want to try the potato casserole. The BBQ meat and sauce are award-winning. The BBQ founded by Darren and Sherry Warth in a trailer in their driveway.

Bobby-Q Barbecue

I enjoy a late evening dinner with my daughter, granddaughter Ellie, son-in-law, niece, and sister-in-law in Phoenix. It is a great location with exceptional decor. The bathroom sink is in the hallway near the restroom. The ceiling is worth looking up.

The menu is extensive and a nice variety of choices. The meat is slow smoked and topped with a sweet-savory bbq sauce. The mac-n-cheese is exceptional (Ellie loved this the best) and fries perfection. It is a great evening out.

The restaurant owned by Bob Sikora, a famous Phoenician restaurateur. He brings a Memphis approach to his bbq. The meat is smoked with almond and mesquite wood and dried rubbed.

Barbecue is a tradition in this country that is thousands of years old. It is a great way to spend with loved ones.


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The Journey to Zions and Beyond ~ Road Trip

The Journey to Zions and Beyond ~ Road Trip

Planning the road trip across the US there was a detour from Yellowstone National Park due to weather. The next best stop for national parks was Zions National Park just off highway 89 in Utah. Stopping in Page to meet with high school friends and fill up for the next leg of the journey to Zions and Utah.

Ranch House Grille Road Trip 4chion lifestyle
Ranch House Grille Road Trip

Page Arizona to Kanab Utah

It was a great morning meeting with Jeff Lott and his beautiful wife at Ranch House Grille where we enjoyed reconnecting and enjoying a beautiful breakfast. Leaving Page Arizona you cross Glen Canyon Dam taking you into the beautiful1.25 million acres of the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. This area is home to Lake Powell, a place that brings fun, sun, and water sports to the southwest. The white ring you can see is known as the bathtub ring and a formed from calcium carbonate deposits.  A few of great activities in the area include:

  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Rainbow bridge (only accessible by boat or 14-mile hike)
  • Escalante Arm
  • Fishing (a favorite of foodie Ellie)

Foodie Ellie Fishing Road Trip 4Chion Lifestyle
Foodie Ellie Fishing Road Trip

Zions National Park is about 104 miles from Page. It is a beautiful drive as the landscape changes from the red rocks to a borderline Mediterranean climate. Kanab is the first town you come to after Page. This town is the center of all sorts of great outdoor adventures including  Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Bryce Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon (North Rim). This is well-known for the great Hollywood film production. A few of the films produced in this region are:

  • Stagecoach (1939) 
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Death Valley Days
  • Duel at Diablo
  • Planet of the Apes (1968)
  • Buffalo Bill (1944)

Utah Boarder to Zion Road Trip 4chion lifestyle
Utah Boarder to Zions National Park Road Trip

Zions National Park

Highway 89 takes you to the stunning and resplendent Zions National Park. This park became a national park when by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919. The park continues to keep the natural beauty with a project called Zions Forever. This project is in place to protect and sustain the park for all living beings and future generations. This is a leave no trace area. You need to make sure that you have trail etiquette and leave nothing behind:

  • Remove all waste (make sure you use the restroom you must take this waste of the trail)
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • Place trash in designated receptacles
  • Be considerate of other visitors
  • Hike quietly
  • Enjoy the sound of nature
  • Hike in single file
  • Ascending hikers have the right of way
  • Have plenty of water this is a desert terrain
  • Be ready for changes in weather from rain forecasts, extreme heat or cold
  • Careful on trailheads they are slippery

You enter the park, there is a $30 fee, but well worth it. The canyon stretches 15 miles long and spans up to half a mile deep. You drive on the Zions-Mount Camel Highway that winds slowly downgrading with gorgeous views of Navajo Sandstone that is tan, cream, pink, and red color. There are locations where you can see hanging moss, trees at different angles, and   You follow the Virgin River on the path taken to carve this canyon. It is so It was fantastic seeing the snow against the colored mountains. You pass through several tunnels. There is a tunnel that is more than a mile long. This is one impressive drive even in the dark. You continue down the hill until you reach the visitors center.

Zion National Park Road Trip 4chion lifestyle
Zions National Park Road Trip

Here is your opportunity to continue to explore more of the park. The concept of keeping the pristine the rest of the park is accessible by shuttle, hiking, backpacking, and hiking. The many activities at include:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Ranger Tours
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Cycling
  • Angels Landing eHike (great visual online of what you experience in Zions)
  • Horse Back riding
  • Tram Rides
  • Photography

This was a wonderful journey on the road trip. Many years as a child this was one place we enjoyed as a family. It was a sunny bright day just as winter was beginning to change to spring. There is plenty of lodging in the area as well as food and restaurants.

Orem, Utah

The remainder of the drive continued on interstate 15 to Orem Utah where I grew up. It was wonderful getting to a warm home with my parents. The days filled with reconnecting with friends and family before continuing the road trip.

Orem Utah Reunion Time Road Trip 4chion lifestyle
Orem Utah Reunion Time Road Trip

Meeting up with my dear friend Lisa Sherman was like we never missed even one day, even though it had been a few decades. Lisa and I have known each other since we were three. We ran the neighborhood streets as two determined little girls could. We enjoyed breakfast at Joe’s Cafe. The food was so delish. Lisa even enjoyed the grits. A dish she was convinced she did not like. Joe said, “You will love them. Nothing comes between your lips and my grits.” It was so wonderful catching up with Lisa after all these years.

Dinner was a fabulous reunion with my bestie from high school, Brenda Anderson. She and I meet at the Spicy Thai in Orem. This was an excellent choice for the food was excellent. Their menu had a great selection of Thai food with the ability to choose your heat.  The evening ended at her home where we spent time catching-up, relationships talk, and a little (very little) drinking. Her cute little dogs entertained up throughout the evening. They are both such a ball of energy.

Dennis and Eileen Winger Orem Utah Road Trip 4Chion Lifestyle
Dennis and Eileen Road Trip

The next day was spent with my parents. We enjoyed dinner at King’s Buffet. My time with my mother we went over old photos, stories, and the fun times we shared in our life. She brought me a photo of my first haircut that she taped back together after tearing. My father enjoyed being the dad he has always been, making sure the car is ready for the next part of the journey. He took to put Rain-X on the windows. This was a great addition to the journey. Stay tuned for all the details in the next part of the journey.


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Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ZionNPS

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ZionNPS

Instagram https://instagram.com/zionnps

Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/zionnps/

The Big Finale Fashion Runway ~ Mario De La Torre

The Big Finale Fashion Runway ~ Mario De La Torre

Mario De La Torre, a fashion designer from south central, brings a fashion runway collection that has west coast apparel, and with a south of the border flair. This runway continues with a purpose to empower women with his designs. His runway presents one that is full of diversity and creativity. De La Torre brings his whole heart to the runway.

Mario De La Torre Proposal Marriage Spring Fashion Week 4Chion Lifestyle z
Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palm Springs engagement

Fashion Runway Engagement

He got down on one knee on the runway at the end of his show and audience proposed to the love of his life, Evette Smith. She said, “yes,” while holding their daughter Vivienne. The audience sipped Notorious Pink Rosé and shed a few tears as the couple hugged on the runway. This was one of the biggest finales in Style Fashion Week history. Last year he announced the gender of his baby on the runway at Style Fashion Week Los Angeles.

Mario De La Torre Proposal Marriage Spring Fashion Week 4Chion Lifestyle z
Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palm Springs engagement

His runway with Style Fashion Week is a part of what he knows is, “sweat and struggle for art. Imparting a brutally honest vision of hood influences, west coast appeal and Chicano culture, Mario approaches his designs with an open mind and the intent to empower women.”  Fashion has been his first passion, but he was fearful of judgment that initially leads him on the path to financing. He did turn to his purpose of fashion and meet his fiancé in fashion school. “The SECRET to life is to find your PURPOSE and LIVE it, CREATE it and INSPIRE others to do the same.” Mario de la Torre

This climactic moment was a perfect ending to his fall-winter collection, purpose. The collection continues to empower and with a wide open mind. The runway covers men, women with great diversity. The clothing is soft neutrals and pinks with blue colors to the elegant collection.  The purpose is present in the collection the purpose of creativity, living, and going after your dreams.  Walking with a purpose in life brings you to your climatic destiny.

Fashion Runway Model

Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palms Springs Fashion 4chion Lifestyle
Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palm Springs Celai West

Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palms Springs Fashion 4chion Lifestyle
Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palm Springs 

Celai West is a young talented beautiful model for this runway collection. She always brings a strong maturity that is classy, beautiful, and learning to set goals, remain focused, and stay on track with school. Happy birthday to West, she recently turned 10. She has a strong will and purpose. This is her first fashion runway in high heels. She completed the runway with exceptional talent keeping the focus on the clothing.

Fashion Runway Styling

The clothing is full of movement with solid colors allows for you to meet your own purposeful fashion style with exceptional accessories and shoes. Each piece has a great sense of sexuality and beauty completing the personal style. The makeup for the runway is a soft natural look. Hair for the runway is soft gentle curls.

Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palms Springs Fashion 4chion Lifestyle
Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palm Springs

Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palms Springs Fashion 4chion Lifestyle
Mario De La Torre Style FW18 Palm Springs


















The runway fills with a purpose in fashion, family, and creativity. The finale is a complete circle of the inspiration for the evening of purpose. What a beautiful moment shared with everyone.

See the full runway here.


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Connect with Style Fashion Week Here:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/stylefashionweek/

Twitter https://twitter.com/stylefw

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stylefashionweeknewyork/

Hair Mai Salon El Paseo

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MaiSalonElPaseo/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mailymaisalon/

Sponsors for the event include:

Notorious Pink Rosé

Desert Aids Project


GT’s Living Foods

KIND Snacks

Indigo Auto Group

Big Mouth

Bubblefish Media

International Chamber of Design

Alpha Media

Brady Sandahl Real Estate Group

Pura Vida Bracelets

Brandini Toffee

Wyndham Resorts

V Palm Springs

Connecting With Friends and Family ~ Esdiac Global

Connecting With Friends and Family ~ Esdiac Global

Connect with family and friends with Esdiac Global. Today’s lifestyle is a worldwide connection. We meet people from all corners of the world. It is a time like no other when we are on the move with jobs and travel. It is so valuable and important to stay connected to those family and friends in our lives. Esdiac Global is a great telecommunication company that provides a way to share your life.

Sharing your adventures and stories with those loved ones is easier with Esdiac Global. This assists with the best in your lifestyle for telecommunications. The services they give allows for you to share your lifestyle by connecting through local and international calls and send text messages to friends and family in over 200 countries and territories with ease.

Esdiac Global App 4Chion Lifestyle b
Staying Connected

Traveling internationally and connecting is always a challenge, Austin and Dion Ugbebor developed a communication system that is:

  • The lowest prices on the market
  • Steering clean and clear of hidden fees
  • Delivering consistent and crisp call quality
  • Utilizing WIFI for an app-phone/landline connection
  • Catering to a low-income demographics

The development of the company started after a business trip in Nigeria. Austin returned home with a $12,000 cell phone bill. Researching the service needs they found that many locals living in countries like Nigeria and the Philippines trying to reach family and friends abroad is expensive. They value the importance of culture and society. Getting families and friends connected and stay connected is the center of their service. They provide this with:

  • Easily keep track of your call and SMS credits. Never incur overage fees ever again.
  • Pay as you go. Esdiac Mobile features the cheapest calling and messaging rates available to mobile or landline phones.
  • Worldwide network ensures the best call quality and messaging speeds available.
  • Reach friends and family in over 200+ countries and territories worldwide with ease.

The importance for Esdiac, “is that today’s consumers see transparency and integrity in the companies they give their money to and support. . . They are able to continue to provide services based on a philanthropic mind, it will be exciting to see their continued international expansion. . . I felt something had to be done because they don’t have the means but they have to make calls.”  There is an exclusive offer to explore this great service $2 free using promo code ESDIACNOW on the Esdiac Global App.

Esdiac Global App 4Chion Lifestyle
Exclusive Offer

Living a very connected world of social media and travel we are now sharing more of our lifestyle with the world. This telecommunication company provides you with the best in price, convenience, and communication for your personal and business lifestyle.


Connect with Esdiac Global here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/esdiacglobalapp/

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Top Gifts and Lifestyle Needs

Here are a few top shopping items that will help with gift giving, beauty products for your celebrations, and extra company in your home. You can find ingredients for recipes and beauty items included in our blogs. This is a fun way to get exactly what you need. Delivery to your door, wrapping is an option at the time of your order, and no hassle. Click here to start shopping. The very best for your lifestyle.



Grief and Loss ~ “The Visit” a Film By Romina Schwedler

Grief and Loss ~ “The Visit” a Film By Romina Schwedler

Romina Schwedler, screenwriter and director, presents her first filmThe Visit, at Prescott Film Festival. This short film is a juxtaposition on life events.

The Visit is a day in the time of a visit with a mother (June Squibb) and son (Sean Maher). The story takes a specific moment in time during the son’s life and develops a sequence of events that change lives. The son must face the consequences of the events.

Schwedler’s attention to details in the film completes the story. She states, “every little detail, in the lighting, the wardrobe design, and every odd thing matters.” The juxtaposition of this story develops well with the attention to details.

Schwedler develops the story from a conversation she had with her father concerning her aunt. Her aunt experiences loss of most family and friends. Coping with the deep grief and loss her aunt develops elaborate stories about those she lost. Her techniques in film development here allow the audience to experience the emotions in the story.

The casting for the short film was “serendipitous,” she says. She approaches June Squibb, Oscar-nominated actress, at an award dinner in Los Angeles with a flash drive of the script. Sean Maher, Ben in the short film, heard about the project and appreciates June Squibb’s work. His agent contacted Schwedle in regards to working on the project.  The casting provides a twist much like the film. Check local film festival events for screening.


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Connect with the film here:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheVisitShort

Connect with the director, Romina Schwedler, here:

Twitter https://twitter.com/RominaSchwedler

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/romina-schwedler-a1b30367

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rominafilm/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJs_KTDH4axs6nnWHWmkF5Q

Connect with Prescott Film Festival here:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/prescottfilmfest/

Twitter https://twitter.com/prescottflmfest

Prescott Film Festival Sponsors:

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