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Tag: Jayson Jackson

Telling a Life Story, “What Happened Miss Simone”

Telling a Life Story, “What Happened Miss Simone”

Jayson Jackson What Happened Miss SImone
Emmy’s Creative Arts 2016 Red Carpet Jayson Jackson

Jayson Jackson joins us on the red carpet at the Emmy® Creative Arts Awards. What Happened, Miss Simone? Is a documentary after the personal life of Nina Simone.

Jayson Jackson produced and created, What Happened, Miss Simone, a film that discusses the woman behind the performer. Jayson says, “The story needed to be told and the timing was now” (Dolly).

Jackson states, “The lives of many performers is just their performance. Many forget that they have personal lives, struggles, and moments. This was the time to show that Miss Simone was a strong courageous woman, that lived a personal story.”

Jackson goes on to explain that telling the story required capturing the classical artist that suffered from mental illness and domestic violence. Hercivil rights voice is strong in regards to the movement. Her life impacted millions with her talent and music, but her story will bring honest living. The story reminds us that we are all human beings living and working within our own skin.

The film based on Nina’s diaries, notes she wrote on napkins, newspapers, and hotel pads. This brought the film to the life of Nina Simone. Jackson states, “The best that we can walk away from this film is honesty. That person will have a respect for the artists that honestly wear their emotions on their sleeves.”

Producing this film took on the idea of searching for footage and stories from Simone’s Life. He states, “We did not write a script. We wanted Nina Simone’s life to show us the story.” The film became just that her story. This story is about a strong woman who performes with a talent that allowed her to sing in any genre and understand the music better than some composers.

What Happened, Miss Simone took home 1 Emmy at The Creative Arts for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special.

Photo credit Raymon L. Forchion Jr.