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“I Care A Lot”~ Are You Afraid?

“I Care A Lot”~ Are You Afraid?

I Care A Lot film by Netflix’s new movie starring Rosamund Pike. Rosmund Pike’s character Marla Grayson is one you want to hate and fight for during the movie, She is never afraid even in moments when she should be terrified.

I Care A Lot:  Rosamund Pike as “Martha”. Photo Cr. Seacia Pavao / Netflix 4Chion Lifestyle
I Care A Lot: Rosamund Pike as “Martha”.

I Care A Lot Synopsis

Grayson has found a way to earn a living legally by being a guardianship for elderly. She is strong, confident, and has the trust of many making the decisions for these elderly clients. Her office wall is display of many who she has guardianships over. Her career she has developed that is morally questionable but legal. She convince one doctor to turn over her “golden ticket” guardianship.

Dianne Wiest playing Jennifer Peterson appears perfect on paper for guardianship. She is single, no family, and has money. Grayson gains guardianship over Peterson. She begins to sell her belongings. Little does she know Peterson is connected to the Russian mob boss Roman Lunyov, played by Peter Dinklage.

The story plot then splits in many directions from you loving Grayson and cheering her on as a boss lady, to hating Grayson, and the criminal aspect. Grayson believe in this country you have to be brave, stupid, ruthless, and focused. Playing fair and scared gets you no where.

Nasty people do terrible things in this wildly entertaining Netflix caper about guardianship fraud,” states, Jeannette Catsoulis from The NYTimes.

I Care A lot Neftlix Film 4Chion Lifestyle
I Care A Lot: Rosamund Pike as “Martha” and Dianne Wiest as “Jennifer”.

I Care A Lot Power Struggle

J Blakeson, director of the film, moves this film from boss lady to one woman who will do all that she can to be very rich. The character development is strong in the film. The film becomes lost in the three separate films all tied together with the theme of crime, passion, and power.

Blakeson directs the change from Grayson being all powerful over Peterson to being the underdog. The power Grayson presents with is one of a powerful caring business woman. The power shifts back and forth between Grayson and Lunyov. The end they join their powers together.

There are time the film feels similar to many powerful strong women films but you are questioning yourself on the morality at the ease she takes everything legally.

I Care A Lot Netflix Entertainment 4Chion Lifestyle
I CARE A LOT (2021) Peter Dinklage as “Rukov” and Rosamund Pike as “Marla”.

I Care A Lot Are You Afraid?

Lunyov asks Grayson, “I am going to kill you now . . . you’re not afraid of death? Grayson answers, “Do you remember how scary it was in 1807? Me either because I was not alive yet. It will feel the same way when I am dead. Not even nothing why be scared of that.”

Her ability to not be afraid in the end gives her the win of being back in power. Legally making money being guardians with a large corporation gaining the wealth she always wanted in life. The twists and turns leaving some unpredictability in the plot.

In the end she remains ruthless, powerful, and someone who cares (so it appears).

Rosamund Pike is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. The award season starts February 28, 2021 Golden Globe ceremony will air live coast to coast 5-8 p.m. PT/8-11 p.m. ET on NBC.


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People’s Choice Awards

People’s Choice Awards

People’s Choice Awards is a night of glitz and glam. The fans vote for those receiving awards this evening. The night filled with fans receiving seats for the show, makeovers, and greet the celebrities on the red carpet. 

People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet

Brows are the leader on the red carpet. The makeup is light and fresh.  Feathers and sparkles a hit this evening. Clothing with glitz is replacing jewels. It was a night of elegance and fans. 

People's Choice Awards Khloe Kardashian Kris Jenner 4chion Lifestyle styling guide
Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner People’s Choice Awards

Khloe Kardashian wearing a strapless, ruched, white side-slit gown with diamond rings from Djula and Vhernier and large diamond hoops. Her signature hair half up and down. She is the recipient of two People’s Choice Awards.

Here is her styling guide:

  • Makeup: Hrush Achemyan
    • Lips Kylie CosmeticLip Gloss Becca CosmeticsMoisturizer Koh Gen Do Highlighting KKW Beauty
  • Styling: Janeller Miller 
  • Styling assistant: DanielLaniko 
  • Dress: ToniMaticevski 
  • Earrings: NormanSilverman 
  • Rings: Djula Jewelry Vhernier 
  • Shoes: StuartWeitzman 
  • Clutch: Lala Lexa

Kendall rocks a black pair of cargo pants with a strapless tiered pleated top of tulle and silk. This look was exceptional and elegant. The designer Ronald van der Kemp is the world’s first sustainable couture label. The look is completed with Djula black diamond hoop earrings. She is the recipient of one award. 

Rita Ora wears Atelier Versace monochromatic gown. This is full of sex appeal with her thigh high boots and high slit dress. The boots and dress accentuated with gold leaves and flowers. She is wearing diamond rings from Kallati, Marli New York and Le Vian. 

Jeannie Mai brings the clothing glitz to the red carpet with a pair of wide-leg shimmering pants and sex appeal with a sheer top. She completes the look with a Borgioni diamond ear cuff and black heeled boots. 

Gwen Stefani is here to support her boyfriend Blake Shelton. He is the recipient of an award. She is wearing Balmain bringing sexy on the edge. The dress is shredded on the sleeves, shear on the top half, and angular edging. She completes the look with Louboutin pumps and diamond rings by Djula and Kallati. 

People Choice Recipents

  • Melissa McCarthy People’s Icon 2018
  • Victoria Beckham Fashion Icon  2018
  • Taylor Swift Concert Tour 2018
  • Bryan Stevenson People’s Champion Award  2018
  • Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Animal Star 2018
  • James Charles Beauty Influencer 2018
  • The Who Dumped Me Comedy Movie 2018
  • Scarlett Johansson Female Movie Star 2018
  • Nicki Minaj The Female Music Artist 2018
  • Harry Shum Jr. The Male TV Star 2018
  • Keeping Up With Kardashian’s Reality Show 2018 
  • Khloe Kardashian Reality TV Star 2018
  • Shadow Hunters The Mortal Instrument Bingeworthy Show 2018 
  • Wynonna Earp Sci-fi/Fantasy Show of 2018
  • Nicki Minaj Album 2018
  • Katherine McNamara Female TV Star 2018
  • Blake Shelton Country Music Artist 2018
  • Danai Gurira Action Movie Star
  • The Voice Competition Show 2018
  • Jimmy Fallon Nighttime Talk Show 2018
  • Avengers Infinity War Action Movie 2018
  • BTS Song 2018
  • Avengers Infinity War Movie 2018


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Hollywood’s Award Season Begins ~ Golden Globes

Hollywood’s Award Season Begins ~ Golden Globes

Hollywood’s award season begins with the Golden Globes on January 7. This year is a memorable award season with the 90th year of the Academy Awards, the 75th anniversary of the Golden Globes, and 60th year of the  Grammys. The Golden Globes is the start of award season in Hollywood with the Oscars closing out the season.

Red Carpet Rollout for the 75th Golden Globe Awards
Moet Ambassador Charlie Farrell, HFPA President Meher Tatna, Golden Globe Ambassador Simone Garcia Johnson, host Seth Meyers, Dick Clark Productions CEO Allen Sharpiro, Producer Barry Adelman and Bevery Hills Mayor Lili Bosse at the Red Carpet Rollout 75th Golden Globe Awards Photo Magnus Sundhom for the HFPA.

Beverly Hills Mayor, Lili Bosse, proclaims January 7 as the Golden Globe Awards Day.  The ceremony held at The Beverly Hilton is known as “Hollywood’s Party.” Executive Chef Alberico Nunziata is bringing a farm to table meal for the celebrities to enjoy.  Many celebrities are wearing black as a showing solidarity of anti-sexual harassment group Time’s Up.

Red Carpet Rollout for the 75th Golden Globe Awards
Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse proclaming Janury 7 as the Golden Globe Awards Day with HFPA President Meher Tatna at the Red Carpet Rollout for the 75th Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Photo Magnus Sundhom for the HFPA.

The nominations announced December 11, 2017.  Sharon Stone, Alfre Woodard , Garrett Hedlund, and Kristen Bell announced the nominations. The Golden Globes honor the best in film and television domestic and foreign. Nominations include:

Hollywood Foreign Press Association, 2018 Golden Globes Announcement
Garrett Hedlund at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards nominations on Monday December 11, 2017 from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.


    • Frenesy Film-La Cinéfacture / Memento Films International / RT Features;
    • Sony Pictures Classics
    • Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy; Warner Bros. Pictures
    • DreamWorks Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox
    • Double Dare You; Fox Searchlight Pictures
    • Blueprint Pictures; Fox Searchlight Pictures


    • Good Universe / Point Grey / Ratpac-Dune / WB/New Line Pictures; A24
    • Blumhouse / QC Entertainment / Monkeypaw Productions; Universal Pictures
    • Twentieth Century Fox; Twentieth Century Fox
  • I, TONYA
    • Clubhouse Pictures / LuckyChap Entertainment; NEON
    • IAC Films; A24


    • DreamWorks Animation LLC; Twentieth Century Fox
    • Cartoon Saloon / Aircraft Pictures / Melusine Productions; GKIDS
  • COCO
    • Pixar Animation Studios; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
    • Blue Sky Studios; Twentieth Century Fox
    • Breakthru Films / Trademark Films; Good Deed Entertainment


    • Left Bank Pictures / Sony Pictures Television
    • HBO Entertainment / Bighead, Littlehead / Television
    • 360 / Startling Television
    • MGM
    • Netflix
    • 20thCentury Fox Television


    • ABC Studios
    • Amazon Studios
    • Universal Television / Oh Brudder Productions / Alan
    • Yang Productions / Fremulon Productions / 3 Arts Entertainment
    • ABC Signature Studios / SupahSmaht, Inc / Quantity
    • Entertainment / Groundswell Productions
    • Universal Television

See the full listing here.

Red Carpet Rollout for the 75th Golden Globe Awards
Golden Globe host Seth Meyers rolling out the Red Carpet for the 75th Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Photo Magnus Sundhom for the HFPA.

What are you looking forward fashion, entertainment, or speeches? Post your response here . Stay tuned we will have all your coverage from Hollywood’s Party. Golden Globes will broadcast live on January 7, 2018, on NBC. Seth Meyers is hosting the show.


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The Meyerowitz Stories, Daddy Issues

The Meyerowitz Stories, Daddy Issues

Noah Baumbach director of The Meyerowitz Stories presents for the first time at Cannes Film Festival. This comedy-drama brings a star-studded cast: Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and Emma Thompson. Baumbach is a singular filmmaker, he is precise in his writing and an expert. The film feels personal and emotional bringing truthfulness.

Film synopsis: Estranged siblings gather in New York to celebrate their father’s work as an artist.

The Meyerowitz Stories Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Meyerowitz Stories Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Netflix obtains this film post-production for distribution. This is the second film Netflix presents at Cannes 70th Anniversary film festival. They are very supportive of the film.

Baumbach created the film for the cinema and has all intention of showing in theaters. He states, “I made this movie independently with independent funding. I shot it on super 16. I made it with the expectation to be screened on the big screen. It is a singular experience that is not going away.” Hoffman did say that the film could be screened at his home cinema. The film received a standing ovation at the end of the world première.

The father and sons relationship is always interesting in the film, Baumbach says, “I have always been interested in the gap between who we think we are, who we want to be and how far that gap really is. Success, professional success, and fame and the arts is a way to explore this. What does success mean and mean to different people is something I wanted to explore in this film.”

The Meyerowitz Stories Image Credit : Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Meyerowitz Stories Image Credit: Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima Courtesy of 4Chion Lifestyle

The estranged family feels less successful in comparison to the other.  Thompson states, “All those characters except Grace operate from a position of shame. So many human beings feel that so much of the time. We all feel ashamed all of our culture is built around this shaming thing. I think that is why it is so powerful.”

The Meyerowitz Stories Photos Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Image Credit : Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima 4Chion LIfestyle
The Meyerowitz Stories Photos Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Image Credit: Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima

Each character in the film meticulously embraces the story and present Baumbach vision.  Adam Sandler says, “I was attracted to the character and the attracted to the whole movie. I was as excited as ever to be in the movie. I loved it.” Emma Thomas states, “Unlike Adam, I am not from America or that kind of family. I did not have an idea what this is going to be like. I had no idea. It was quite a foreign country to me.” Ben Stiller says, “I was very fortunate to get the call. Then I heard Dustin Hoffman was auditioning for the role of father.” Dustin Hoffman actually passed on the role. He said, “I did not want to play the old man. I felt I was a better fit for the role of the brothers.” His son talked him into playing the role.

This story takes on the roles in families with the many dynamics creating the truthfulness in the film.

This 70th year will continue to evolve film worldwide. Stay tuned here for coverage of events from fashion, red carpet, actresses/actors, and films.

Los Angeles Red Carpet Special Screening Photos


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Connect with The Meyerowitz Stories here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5536736/

Cast and Crew

Adam SANDLER – Danny Meyerowitz

Ben STILLER – Matthew Meyerowitz

Dustin HOFFMAN – Harold Meyerowitz

Elizabeth MARVEL – Jean Meyerowitz

Grace VAN PATTEN – Eliza

Emma THOMPSON – Maureen

Noah BAUMBACH – Director

Noah BAUMBACH – Script / Dialogue

Robbie RYAN – Cinematography

Randy NEWMAN – Music

Jennifer LAME – Film Editor

Paul HSU – Sound

Cannes Film Festival connections here:

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Laura Ricciardi & Moira Demos ~ “Making Of A Murderer”

Laura Ricciardi & Moira Demos ~ “Making Of A Murderer”

Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos Emmys 4Chion Marketing
Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos Emmy’s Creative Arts 2016

Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos joins us on the red carpet at the Emmy® Creative Arts Awards. The duo took the evening by storm with their documentary Making of a Murderer on Netflix.

This 10-hour series took 10 years from a conception during film school to airing on Netflix. The story needs time to be told correctly and accurately. The couple moved from New York to Wisconsin for two years. This provided a time for them to research, gain trust about telling the story, and immerse in the story.

They took the story from criminal justice, a victim point of view, to the criminal point of view. The ability for the subjects to trust the duo to share their story accurately made the documentary successful. This documentary is a social justice story instead of criminal justice.

They share the documentary providing a voice, engagement, and conversation that is global. There is an online petition sent to President Obama requesting Steven Avery be exonerated.

They discuss that the documentary is not to solve the crime but to tell the story of Steve Avery, his family, and the community. They said, “we welcome anyone to research the story. It is all public record.”

and Moira Demos Emmys 4Chion Marketing
Emmy’s Creative Arts 2016 Red Carpet

Ricciardi states, “It took some time to get through the noise after the series aired, we are focused on the goal.” They will be returning with season two. The story continues to have questions.

Demos states, “The story continues to evolve. We continue to follow the events taking place. It is not over.” They are working on a project from HuffPost article, America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker.

Ricciardi and Demos work together on filming, concept, production, editing, and a partnership to air the series. The team has grown and they are deeply grateful for them.

The success each day they said, “came from the story and the focus to tell the facts.” Ricciardi states, “The lesson best learned is that we need to have more empathy and dignity towards each other.”

Making of A Murderer awarded the 4 Emmys® at The Creative Arts for Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming, Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming, Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming, Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming, and Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series.


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