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The Meyerowitz Stories, Daddy Issues

The Meyerowitz Stories, Daddy Issues

Noah Baumbach director of The Meyerowitz Stories presents for the first time at Cannes Film Festival. This comedy-drama brings a star-studded cast: Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and Emma Thompson. Baumbach is a singular filmmaker, he is precise in his writing and an expert. The film feels personal and emotional bringing truthfulness.

Film synopsis: Estranged siblings gather in New York to celebrate their father’s work as an artist.

The Meyerowitz Stories Courtesy Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Meyerowitz Stories Courtesy Cannes Film Festival

Netflix obtains this film post-production for distribution. This is the second film Netflix presents at Cannes 70th Anniversary film festival. They are very supportive of the film.

Baumbach created the film for the cinema and has all intention of showing in theaters. He states, “I made this movie independently with independent funding. I shot it on super 16. I made it with the expectation to be screened on the big screen. It is a singular experience that is not going away.” Hoffman did say that the film could be screened at his home cinema. The film received a standing ovation at the end of the world première.

The father and sons relationship is always interesting in the film, Baumbach says, “I have always been interested in the gap between who we think we are, who we want to be and how far that gap really is. Success, professional success, and fame and the arts is a way to explore this. What does success mean and mean to different people is something I wanted to explore in this film.”

The Meyerowitz Stories Image Credit : Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival 4Chion Lifestyle
The Meyerowitz Stories Image Credit: Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima Courtesy of 4Chion Lifestyle

The estranged family feels less successful in comparison to the other.  Thompson states, “All those characters except Grace operate from a position of shame. So many human beings feel that so much of the time. We all feel ashamed all of our culture is built around this shaming thing. I think that is why it is so powerful.”

The Meyerowitz Stories Photos Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Image Credit : Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima 4Chion LIfestyle
The Meyerowitz Stories Photos Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival Image Credit: Netflix/Atsushi Nishijima

Each character in the film meticulously embraces the story and present Baumbach vision.  Adam Sandler says, “I was attracted to the character and the attracted to the whole movie. I was as excited as ever to be in the movie. I loved it.” Emma Thomas states, “Unlike Adam, I am not from America or that kind of family. I did not have an idea what this is going to be like. I had no idea. It was quite a foreign country to me.” Ben Stiller says, “I was very fortunate to get the call. Then I heard Dustin Hoffman was auditioning for the role of father.” Dustin Hoffman actually passed on the role. He said, “I did not want to play the old man. I felt I was a better fit for the role of the brothers.” His son talked him into playing the role.

This story takes on the roles in families with the many dynamics creating the truthfulness in the film.

This 70th year will continue to evolve film worldwide. Stay tuned here for coverage of events from fashion, red carpet, actresses/actors, and films.

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Cast and Crew

Adam SANDLER – Danny Meyerowitz

Ben STILLER – Matthew Meyerowitz

Dustin HOFFMAN – Harold Meyerowitz

Elizabeth MARVEL – Jean Meyerowitz

Grace VAN PATTEN – Eliza

Emma THOMPSON – Maureen

Noah BAUMBACH – Director

Noah BAUMBACH – Script / Dialogue

Robbie RYAN – Cinematography

Randy NEWMAN – Music

Jennifer LAME – Film Editor

Paul HSU – Sound

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