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Le Vian’s 23rd Trends ~ Sentiments of Our Feelings

Le Vian’s 23rd Trends ~ Sentiments of Our Feelings

Le Vian’s 23rd red carpet sentiments of our times and feelings. Le Vian’s 23rd trends are sentiments the way jewelry invokes emotions. The glamour from jewelry is the exclamation point in fashion.

Le Vian Choosing your Pieces with Sentiment

The choosing of your jewelry for just everyday is about the emotions and the mood of the moment. Your signature piece should be one you can wear everyday as well a favorite red carpet evening. Jewelry is expression of emotions, moments in life, and personality.

Le Vian holds the annual trend event at The Venetian. This season is taking this moment of choose from engagement, baby rings, pearls for your girls, and the piece you can wear to work each day. Le Vian is giving itself a new mission of articulating the most relevant consumer sentiments with life events.

Le Vian’s 23rd Trends

Godiva x Le Vian

There is nothing like chocolate and diamonds to invoke emotion. The choice becomes intense as you see the selection in this collection. “This first creative interpretation of the power, pleasure, and wonder of chocolate. This collection of delectable Chocolate Diamond jewels, inspired by GODIVA’s exquisite premium chocolates, was made with love, to be savored this year and forever.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast An absolutely delicious collection.


The chocolate diamond is quite luxurious with a touch of richness. The brings the glamorous and elegance to your everyday life. “

Euphoria is an intense feeling of, “bliss, excitement and happiness. It is epitomized by embracing our obsession with relishing and indulging in the finest, richly flavored, artisan Chocolate.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast

This collection brings in a new sensation of twisting and windy chocolate diamonds. The way life tends to drift at times is a great way of wearing your emotions. The collection is, where ribbons of Chocolate Diamonds® wrap around a design. Savor the mouthwatering shavings of gourmet chocolate and fulfill your sweetest indulgences.” This collection brings the rich windy luxuriousness of life to your jewelry selection.


Tranquility is at times in life far reaching. When it is very presence is inner peace and calm. This collection draws in the subtones fo pink and purple with the presence of periwinkle. This collection’s stones Blueberry Tanzanite™, Blueberry Sapphire™, Sea Blue Aquamarine®, Denim Ombré®, and Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire™. The blue color palette, “has long been associated with relaxation, calm contemplation, dreamlike moments and that unique sense of contentment we call tranquility.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast These pieces can bring the tranquility and calm or bring it to those around you.


This is a favorite collection of beautiful creations of life. This collection brings the animals we love as pets or just in nature. The favorite from this collection is the octopus necklace. The power and beauty of this super creature brings you the sense of power and beauty.

The creates emotion list is endless from the rebirth from the butterflies, Dragonflies represent hope, change and love, and lobsters notorious of restoration and cleansing. The selection is vast and you will find the perfect piece to draw out your emotions and experiences.


The best part of life is being spontaneous and enjoying each moment. The enamel, “the fresh, enticing, electrifying colors of Le Vian Enamel bring moments to life, infusing them with energy and joyful impulses – the perfect antidote to routine and restriction.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast The color selection is truly spontaneous and fun. This is a new distinct look for all seasons.


The bright Le Vian Sunny Yellow Diamonds® surrounds optimism. They will for sure be the jewelry collection to take optimism with you. “Optimism sparkles like rays of the sun, lighting up our darkest hours.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast

The collection brings the optimism of bees. “The hard working, dedicated and united teamwork of bees has emerged as the inspiration for Le Vian’s Bee Positive™ message.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast This is created with honey gold. It is, “reminding us of the prized gift of honey that they cultivate with determination.”


Platinum is the perfect choice for this collection. It is, “is the precious metal of resilience, purity and high style. The Le Vian Platinum Collection™ grounds us, symbolizing our inner strength.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast The precious gemstones and diamonds created in platinum turn to generational jewelry keeping memories alive while creating new ones.


The last few years balance has taken on a new road and adventure. This is so needed during these times. Le Vian created these using emeralds while taking into consideration the symmetry of the stones for the balance needed at this time of humanity. They use, “precision angles and finely cut corners result in a centered and balanced shape, whose elegance steals the show.” Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast

This is your chance to be ahead of the upcoming fashion, award, and holiday season. Check out Le Vian and you can reserve your favorite emotion invoking pieces.

What is your favorite piece from the collections? Post your answer in our comments here.


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Fashion is Flowing at 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Fashion is Flowing at 75th Cannes Film Festival.

Fashion is flowing at 75th Cannes Film Festival on the red carpet and photo call. The years of missing Cannes or shorten Cannes gave everyone time to find their favorite fashion and designers. Check out the fashion details here!


Follow us for all thing fashion, celebrity, and beauty. 








Thank you to Festival De Cannes for press and image updates.

Return To Cannes Film Festival

Return To Cannes Film Festival

Return to Cannes Film Festival it is about time. Excited for the upcoming films, red carpets, and insight to this year’s films.

Un Certain Regard will feature 20 films this year, including 8 first films and 9 films by female directors, just as Maryland directed by Alice Winocour, Montparnasse Bienvenue directed by Léonor Serraille who won the Caméra d’or and whose new film is in competition, The Match Factory directed by Emin Alper, and Joyland (US-Pak)directed by Saim Sadiq is his first film and the first Pakistani feature in official selection.

Valeria Golino - Euforia Cannes Film Festival
Valeria Golino Image credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Return To Cannes Film Festival Jury

Valeria Golino will be the President of the Jury of Un Certain Regard at the 75th Festival de Cannes. She is a director, actress, and producer from Italy.

Golino states in the Cannes press release “It is all the more intense within a Jury, where we will feel, think and share together. In this world full of sound and fury, I am happy and honored to be here to help, perhaps, filmmakers to emerge.

The remaining members are:

  • Debra Granik, from the United States, is the director and co-writer of Winter’s Bone, which premiered and won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2010 and was nominated for 4 Oscars.
  • Joanna Kulig, from Poland, she is a singer and actress. she starred in The Woman in the FifthIda. This received an Oscar for best foreign language film.
  • Benjamin Biolay, from France, is a singer-songwriter, producer, and actor. He has acted in approximately 30 films, including On a Magical Night by Christophe Honoré which was presented at Un Certain Regard in 2019.
  • Edgar Ramirez, from Venezuela, is an actor and producer. He stared in Undoing on HBO, which was their most-watched show of the year. In 2022, he is upcoming in Netflix’s Florida Man, a drama series for which he plays the titular role as well as Lionsgate’s Borderlands.
EO directed by Jerzy SKOLIMOWSKI Cannes FIlm Festival Return to Cannes Film Festival

Returning to Cannes Nominations

In Competition

Opening Film

Final Cut directed by Michel HAZANAVICIUS (Out of Competition)

Return to Cannes Film Festival In Competition Films
  • Aramageddon Time directed by James GRAY
  • Brother and Sister (Frére Et Soeur) directed by Arnaud DESPLECHIN
  • Broker directed by KORE-EDA Hirokazu
  • Close directed by Lukas DHONT
  • Crimes of the Future directed by David CRONENBERG
  • EO directed by Jerzy SKOLIMOWSKI
  • Forever Young Valeria BRUNI TEDESCH
  • Haeojil Gyeolsim (Decision to Leave) directed by Park Chan-Wook
  • Holy Spider directed by ABBASI
  • Le Otto Montagne directed by Charlotte VANDERMEERSCH Felix VAN GROENINGEN
  • Leila’s Brothers Saeed ROUSTAEE
  • Les Amandiers Valeria BRUNI TEDESCHI
  • Mother and Son (Un Petit Frére) directed by Léonor SERRAILLE
  • Nostalgia by Mario MARTONE
  • Pacifiction directed by Albert SERRA
  • R.M.N. directed by Cristian MUNGIU
  • Showing Up directed by Kelly REICHARDT
  • Stars At Noon directed by Claire DENIS
  • Tori and Lokita Jean (Tori Et Lokita)-Pierre et Luc DARDENN
  • Triangle of Sadness directed by Ruben ÖSTLUND
  • Zhena Chaikovskogo (TchaÏkovski’s Wife) by Kirill SEREBRENNIKOV
JOYLAND Saim SADIQ Return to Cannes Film Festival

Un Certain Regard

Opening Film
  • Father and Soldier directed by Mathieu VADEPIED
Returning to Cannes Nominations
  • Les Pires directed by Lise AKOKA, Romane GUERET 1st film
  • Kurak Günler(Burning Days) directed by Emin ALPER
  • More Than Ever Emily directed by ATEF
  • Metronom directed by Alexandru BELC 1st film
  • Sick of Myself directed by Kristoffer BORGLI
  • All The People I’ll Never Be Davy CHOU
  • Domingo Y La Niebla (Domingo and the Mist) directed by Ariel ESCALANTE MEZA
  • Mediterranean Fever directed by Maha HAJ
  • Plane 75 directed by HAYAKAWA Chien 1st film
  • War Poney directed by Riley KEOUGH, Gina GAMMELL1st film
  • Corsage directed by Marie KREUTZER
  • The Stranger directed by Thomas M WRIGHT
  • Bachennya Metelka (BUTTERFLY VISION) Maksim NAKONECHNYI 1st film
  • Harka directed by Lotfy NATHAN 1st film
  • Vanskabte Land/Volada Land (Goodland) Hlynur PÁLMASON
  • Rodeo directed by Lola Quivoron 1st film
  • Joyland directed by Saim SADIQ 1st film
  • The Silent Twins Agnieszka SMOCZYNSKA
  • The Blue Caftan directed by Maryam TOUZANI
‘House of Gucci’ ~ For Love

‘House of Gucci’ ~ For Love

House of Gucci is for love. The love of what is left to the audience to determine. Was the love of money the downfall or the loss of true love that destroyed Patrizia Reggiani?

House of Gucci Synopsis

The film has so ingredients from Oscar nominated actors, to the Gucci history of fashion and power, and love; lovers, family, and money .

Ridley Scott’s, director of House of Gucci, is a thrilling exploration of three decades in the tangled history of the multi-generational Gucci family, a tale of ambition, greed, betrayal and murder. The film shows Scott’s energy, multi-camera use, and spontaneity.

House of Gucci

You are drawn in to Patrizia, played by Lady Gaga, power, determination, and strength. A woman who goes with her heart and falls deeply in love with Maurizio, played by Adam Driver. The moment the two meet at the party Maurizio introduces himself to Patrizia there is just a moment where you catch glimpse that Patrizia is very familiar with the name Gucci. As the story continues this moment leave one wondering did she really fall in love with him or the money.

The fashion is endless and timeless. The wealth and power of this family is felt represented in the film. The ability to create the sweet dream of Gucci while telling the story of murder. The story of loss and change.

Patrizia slowly losses. Gaga states at the London Premiere, “You watch the unraveling of a woman that only women can understand in a way when it comes to her.” The unraveling takes the power and strength Patrizia has away. The characteristics that Maurizio fell in love with.

As time goes by Patrizia is left abandoned and no longer matter, she begins unraveling. This appears to be that she has lost the love of her life, but then the moment when they meet I ask myself is it the money and power she losses in the end of her marriage that drives her to murder?

Maurizio changes from the man who knows the evils of luxury and wealth, the man who wanted to get away from the family business to be more himself to one craving and embracing the wealth. He falls in love twice in the film but still seems to be lost in himself.

Patrizia states in the film, “I am not a particularly ethical person but I am fair.” Did she love Maurizio or the Gucci money and power? I am still left wondering myself if she truly found the love of her life or the money of her dreams.

‘House of Gucci’ Premiere Red Carpet Looks

All images are from EPK.TV. Enjoy Milan, London, New York, and Los Angeles premieres and screenings.

Film Photos and Character Posters

Share your film insights here.

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4Chion Finds and Deals ~ Holiday Guide

4Chion Finds and Deals ~ Holiday Guide

4Chion Finds and Deals has this year’s Holiday Guide filled with finds and deals for your best holiday season. Welcome to early holiday shopping and celebration.

4Chion Finds and Deals ~ Artisans and Amazon

This is our top holiday finds from exceptional artisans and on Amazon for the holiday season.


These artisans are all women owned businesses. They each create their products for your luxury and personalized gift giving needs. Please remember to order early for your specific gift giving needs.

The Olivia Shop
The Olivia Shoppe Gift Guide 4Chion Lifestyle
The Olivia Shop

The Olivia Shop is your location to get exceptional personalized gifts. There is a large selections for your holiday gifts from mugs to gift baskets. They are individually priced. The mug above is $45.00.

Lamonique Cosmetics

Lamonique Cosmetics fall beauty 4chion lifestyle
Lamonique Cosmetics

LaMonique Cosmetics is an all natural cosmetic line. Each product is natural with no talc, dyes or alcohol. They are also paraben, gluten and cruelty free. This is the makeup that is used for many red carpet and award show looks. Our favorite is the Bomb Balm, it keeps our lips moist and kissable.

5th Chapter Scents

5th Chapter Scents Body Butter 4Chion Lifestyle Gift Guide
5th Chapter Scents Body Butter

5th Chapter Scents is about being natural, beautiful, and you. This is handcrafted soaps, lip balms, melts, and body butter. Each product is created with high grade oils for the best skin care. Our favorite is the body butter it is luxurious and beautifully scented. Discount 4chionLS10 10% OFF $25 or more spent Good through Cyber Monday.

Holiday Giveaway-5
Proofy Organics

Poofy Organics is a modern apothecary, a consciously crafted skincare and wellness brand that creates clean botanicals and sustainable products. They offer free shipping on all orders over $70 (USA Customers only).

Phenomenal U
Phenomenal U

Phenomenal U Custom made Jewelry specially designed for your Phenomenal Person in your life. Made with natural stones and charka beads. Phenomenal deals during the holiday shopping. Join the brand here Saturdays starting November 27, 2021 10 AM-1 PM EST for details.

Hot Pepper Seeds for Planting - Garden Starter Kit, Indoor Garden Kit, Indoor Herb Garden for Cayenne Pepper Seeds, Gardening Gifts for Women, Gardening Gifts for Men, Vegetable Seeds for Planting
Hot Pepper Seeds for Planting – Garden Starter Kit

Blue Garden Collective This Amazon Choice is the top selling personal gardening kit. This is an exceptional gift for friends with green thumbs or loved ones who wants to explore the lush world of indoor gardening. There are a wide variety of starter gardening kits from tea to spicy pepper and more. We have a special offer just for you: 15% Discount Code: XEBU8CQ8 at check out on Amazon.

Amazon Finds

Loving Amazon when it comes to convince, exceptional products, and hand crafted products. This is an easy way to shop, ship, and enjoy the holidays. We have included some of Oprah’s Favorite Things for easy shopping. These products selected are from our favorites during the year. They will enhance your holidays, home, gift giving, and parties.

Here is our Amazon Holiday Guide:

4Chion Deals

We will not let the holiday season pass without great deals. 4Chion has the following exceptional deals for the holiday season.

Here are the our holiday deal details:

5th Chapter Scents 4chionLS10 10% OFF $25 or more spent Good through Cyber Monday.

Poofy Organics  They offer free shipping on all orders over $70 (USA Customers only).


Allies of Kin Get 15 % Off for new customers with Code FRESHFACED! Click this link for ordering.

BEBE Get Up To 70% Off Women’s Clothing, Footwear, & Accessories. Click this link here for ordering.

Ashley Stewart Get 15% OFF using code Q4AS15. Click this link for ordering.

Katy Perry Shoes Get $15 off first order over $40 when you sign up for our newsletter. Clink this here link ordering.

Alloy Apparel 15% off your 1st Order. Click this link here for ordering.

Fossil Men Gifts Under $200. Click this link for ordering.

OLAY and Crest Gift Set – Collagen Peptide 24 Face Moisturizer and Crest 3D Whitestrips. Click this link for ordering.

Happy Holidays. May you have a joyous and wonderful season.


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Halloween Kills ~ A Generational Affair EXCLUSIVE

Halloween Kills ~ A Generational Affair EXCLUSIVE

Halloween Kills is a generational affair. Jamie Lee Curtis attends the red carpet in Los Angeles as her mother’s Psycho character, Marion Crane. The Halloween films spans three generations (more than 40 years) of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Kills Red Carpet

Halloween Series Synopsis

Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again (IMBD).

Series Synopsis

Halloween Kills is the continuing saga of Myers and Strode in the next thrilling chapter of the Halloween Series. It is recommended to watch Halloween 2018 before heading to the theatre, Sean James (Hairstylist to the Stars).

Halloween Kills brings Curtis’ character, Laurie Strode, three generations together for a final confrontation with Myers (masked figure who has haunted Strode for four decades) on Halloween night.

Curtis states regarding the film, “It’s going to be very exciting. People will be shocked. People are going to be agitated by this movie, in a way that I think they’re not expecting. That to me makes a great sequel. . . To all those people that love these movies, Happy Halloween.” (EPK.TV) 

No description available.
Daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Mother, Janet Leigh SEAN JAMES PHOTO

Halloween Kills Styling (EXCLUSIVE)

Creating Curtis into Strode takes a team. Sean James, hairstylist for Curtis, takes this powerful beautiful woman from her strong representation of being “true to herself” to Strode, traumatized by Myers for decades.

Sean James Styling Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Kills Red Carpet Look
Red Carpet Ready Photo SEAN JAMES PHOTO

Red Carpet Styling

Halloween Kills U.S. film screening, at the TCL Chinese Theatre is a costume party. Curtis dresses like her mother, Janet Leigh, in her famous character, Marion Crane, from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film, Psycho. The styling did not miss a beat down to the wig created by James, using FHI products (see discount below). The struggle was real as wigs are in short supply because of the pandemic.

The search for Scarlett Johansson’s wig from the film Hitchcock was not located. The high and low search turns to a golden blonde colored wig. James states, “I could not find a golden wig anywhere. They kept showing me Marilyn Monroe wigs and platinum blonde wigs. Finally one was located that was as close as possible during this time.”

The wig was the wrong cut and texture. The next process was to cut and style the wig into the bubble (even Barbie has a wig that is the bubble style) style of her mother. James did his magic on the wig with FHI Heat Stylus High Altitude and FHI HEAT Platform Bounce Pro Curler to create the perfect look that Janet Leigh inspired in the 1960s.

The red carpet creation is completed with a bloody shower curtain.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Kills Red Carpet Look
Jamie Lee Curtis Red Carpet Ready Photo Credit SEAN JAMES PHOTO

Past Movie Styling

James has been doing Curtis’ hair since 1995. Curtis brought her daughter into Fred Segal Salon. She asked for James to do her daughter’s hair. Soon Curtis asked James, “What would you do with my hair?” James states, “I suggested we chop it all off. Then we had different versions of her hair.”

Halloween H2O we brought hair color to the shorter style. This change was a concern for Curtis. She was doing Activia Yogurt at the same time. It is important to stay true and honest to her audience and fans. Curtis was honest about her hair color. She was on Oprah stating the way Hollywood distorts imperfect beauty. The More Magazine article shows all the secrets of styling, stylus, and hairstyles as well as what Hollywood is and the falsification of people’s image.

The color change was a turn from her natural hair color. Making coloring difficult Curtis does not sit still for more than 20 minutes. The concept of processing color every three weeks to cover the natural gray was absurd to her. She hates having her hair colored.

Sean James Hair stylist to the celebrites Jamie Lee Curtis 4chion lfiestyle
Sean James Hair Stylist to the Celebrities

Halloween Kills Press

James says, “It is so exciting doing all of the press for the movie. Going to Venice Film Festival with Curtis for the world premiere, James Corden, Kelly Clarkson, and Rachel Ray Show. It is wonderful watching Curtis shine with this new movie. I cannot wait for everyone to see it. It is a fantastic horror film. It is really a wonderful reveal of the town of Haddonefield, Illinois. I can hardly wait for the third part, Halloween Kills.

Excited to see this movie this weekend. You see your local theatre listings or go to Peacock TV for streaming options. Post your movie review here.


Shopping Exclusives

Shopping for the beauty items is as easy as clicking here for your beautiful self.

Looking for an extra special Sean James provides an exclusive 20% discount when shopping use code SEAN20.

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Red Carpet Fashion ~ Emmys®

Red Carpet Fashion ~ Emmys®

This year is exceptional. A year after being delayed and held virtually the 73rd Emmys® return with glamorous fashion and red carpet fun. Get all the looks and styling here.

Red Carpet Fashion Emmys®