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The 94th Oscars® Governors Ball

The 94th Oscars® Governors Ball

The 94th Oscars® Governors Ball returns after a break during Covid pandemic. The evening theme is Movie Lovers Unite. This after party will continue to unite with unifying elements of film.

Food Governors Ball

Chef Wolfgang Puck and Wolfgang Puck Catering is partnering with Ghetto Gastro’s to plan and prepare this year’s menu. There will be many of the traditions with mac-n-cheese, Smoked Salmon Oscar® with Iranian Osetra Caviar on Brioche, and gold covered Oscars®. Ghetto Gatro’s is brining masterfully blended influences from the African diaspora, global South ingredients and hip-hop to create offerings that address race, identity and economic empowerment.

94th Oscars® Governors Ball Cocktails and Wine at Governors Ball

Tequila Don Julio is proud to donate in support of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’
Governors Ball for the fifth consecutive year. As Mexico’s original luxury tequila, Tequila Don Julio is
meant to be enjoyed during true moments of genuine 94th Oscars® Governors Ball celebration.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery will premiere two limited-edition wines in honor of the 94th Oscars®. The Francis Ford Coppola limited-edition 94th Awards Wines are housed in glistening gold colored bottles, and are crafted as symbols honoring the significant talent, passion and hard work achieved throughout the entire film industry.

Actors and filmmakers will be sipping all night long at the 94th Oscars®. Fleur de MIRAVAL – the only Champagne house exclusively devoted to Rosé Champagne.

94th Oscars® Governors Ball Recipes

Recipe courtesy Wolfgang Puck

Cacio e Pepe Macaroni & Cheese

Serves 1 Recipe courtesy Wolfgang Puck Catering

  • 8oz Cavatelli Pasta
  • 2 Tbsp Salt
  • 2 Tbsp Butter
  • 2 Tbsp Flour
  • 1 ¼ cup Whole Milk
  • ¼ cup shredded Aged Vermont White Cheddar
  • 1 Tbsp Parmesan ¼ tsp Pink Peppercorns, toasted and ground
  • ½ tsp Black Peppercorns, toasted and ground
  • ¼ tsp Green Peppercorns, toasted and ground
  • 1. Bring 2-3 quarts of water to a boil in a pot. Add 2 Tbsp of salt to the water and then the pasta. Cook for about 8 minutes or to al dente. Strain.
  • 2. In a heavy bottom pot, melt butter and then whisk flour into the melted butter. Continue to whisk for two minutes on low heat avoiding any color.
  • 3. Add milk to the butter and flour mixture continuing to stir until the milk thickens to a creamy consistency and coats the back of a spoon.
  • 4. Add white cheddar, stirring to melt the cheese into the milk. Add ground pink and black peppercorns. 5. Add the pasta to the pot and stir in the Parmesan. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • 6. Serve!
Chocoloate Bark Oscar Governors Ball 2022 4Chion Lifestyle


Yield: Serves 16 Recipe courtesy Wolfgang Puck Catering

  • 1 pound dark chocolate (64 to 70 percent cocoa content), coarsely chopped
  • 1/4 cup roasted pecan halves
  • 1/4 cup coarsely chopped roasted macadamia nuts
  • 1/4 cup roasted shelled pistachio nuts
  • 1/4 cup roasted shelled sunflower seeds
  • 1/4 cup dried cherries
  • 1/4 cup chopped dried apricots

If you start with raw shelled nuts, put them in a single layer in a baking pan and roast them in a preheated 350°F oven until golden, about 6 minutes; then remove them from the oven and cool to room temperature before making the bark.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Put the chopped chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Put the bowl in the microwave, set the power level to medium, and microwave for 20 seconds. Stir the chocolate with a rubber spatula and, if not smoothly melted, microwave again for 20 seconds longer. Continue only until the chocolate is smooth. Spread the melted chocolate on the parchment-lined baking sheet to a thickness of 1/4 inch. (It’s okay if the edges of the spread-out chocolate aren’t neat, since you’ll be breaking it up.) Immediately sprinkle the pecans, macadamias, pistachios, sunflower seeds, cherries, and apricots over the still-melted chocolate. Leave the chocolate to set until solid, about 20 minutes at cool room temperature or 5 to 10 minutes in the refrigerator. Break the chocolate into rough serving pieces and store in a covered container at cool room temperature until serving time



▪ 1¼ oz Tequila Don Julio Reposado
▪ ¼ oz Rhum Vieux
▪ ¾ oz Fresh Lime Juice
▪ ½ oz Mango Juice
▪ ½ oz Coconut Milk
▪ ½ – ¾ oz Honey Syrup (2:1 ratio)

  1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice
  2. Shake well and pour into a small tasting glass
  3. Garnish with a small edible flower and gold dust

Menu 94th Oscars® Governors Ball Menu

Tray Passed
  • Patty Posse | Bacalao Leek Potato Patties*
  • Patty Posse | Plantain
  • Collard Patties (vegetarian)
  • Broken Flowers | Crispy Cauliflower
  • Tamarind Glaze Cilantro Aioli (vegan)
  • Smoked Salmon Oscars® Matzo
  • Miniature Wagyu Burger, Sharp Cheddar, Remoulade
  • Wolfgang Puck Signature Pizzas
  • Spicy Tuna Tartare In Sesame Miso Cones
  • Peking Pulled Jackfruit
  • Steamed Bao Bun, Hoisin
  • Cucumber, Scallion Grass (vegan)
  • Croquette Madame
  • Comte Cheese, Country Ham, Egg Yolk Jam
  • Hearts of Palm on Fried Brioche, Soft Herbs (vegan)
  • Cauliflower Toast, Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Cauliflower
  • Golden Raisins, Shallot Agrodolce, Pine Nuts (vegetarian)
  • Duck Pastrami
  • Seeded Lavosh Cracker, Rhubarb Compote, Candied Rhubarb (made without gluten)
  • Tomato Confit
  • Wheat Tuille, Shaved Macadamia, Petite Sorrel (vegan)
  • Savory Eclairs, Truffle Mushroom Mousse
  • Black Garlic Glaze (vegetarian)

Passed Small Plates

• Spring Fava Bean Hummus Herb Marinated Green Chickpeas
  • Fresh Jalapeno, Haricot Verts, Leafy Greens, Tahini Dressing, Pickled Shallots, Popcorn Chickpeas (made without gluten, vegan)
  • Petite Terrarium Salad, Edible Succulents, Quinoa Pumpernickel Soil, Tiny Crudites, Citrus Vinaigrette (vegan)
  • Maine Lobster Pot Pie, Spring Vegetables Cacio e Pepe Macaroni and Cheese (vegetarian) Dry Aged Wagyu Beef Sliders, French Fries
  • Oyster Mushroom Schnitzel, Lemon, Mustard (vegan)
  • Steamed Black Cod in Bamboo Leaf, Sticky Rice, Snow Peas, Ginger Scallion Soy (made without gluten) Roasted Root Vegetable Goulash, Spaetzle, Candy Stripe, Gold Beet Chips (vegan)
  • Artichoke and Spring Pea filled Occhi, Leek and Pecorino Sauce, Lemon Butter Breadcrumbs (vegetarian)
  • Field of Dreams Crispy Coconut Rice and Field Peas, Sweet plantain*

Passed Small Plate Sweets

  • Apricots with Pistachio Creme
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Oscars® Eclairs
  • Grapefruit Panna Cotta (made without gluten, vegan)
  • Sous Vide Yogurt Crème Brulee with Granola Dust (made without gluten)

Small Plate Stations

  • Wavy Ancestral Roots Waffle, Fried Chicken, Spicy Sovereign Syrup*
  • Cornbread, Crab, Caviar*
  • Pineapple Express – Coffee, Pineapple, Apricot Creme*
  • A Clockwork Orange – Mandarin, Yuzu, Pine Nut*
  • Crispy Heirloom Rice Cakes prepared to order (made without gluten)
  • Miso Hamachi Tartare, Spicy Tuna Tartare, Braised Mushroom Tartare (vegan)
  • Scallions, Sesame Seeds, Pickled Radish, Ponzu, Spicy Aioli, Miso Aioli, Yuzu Avocado Mousse

New York Ssam, Shiso Leaf, Nori, Pickled Fresno Chili, Cilantro, Sesame Seeds (made without gluten)

  • English Peas, Baby Carrots, Fresh Peas of the Season, Pea Butter, Asiago (vegetarian)
  • Pommes Aligot, Sautéed Rainbow Swiss Chard, Braised Short Ribs with Caramelized Shallots, Pickled Mustard Seeds (made without gluten)
  • Margherita Pizza
  • Vegan Puttanesca Pizza

In The Kitchen

  • 117 Chefs
  • 25 pounds of Nishiki Rice
  • 1080 Whole Eggs
  • 10 Whole Yellowtails
  • 300 pounds of Smoked Salmon
  • 400 pounds Jidori Chicken
  • 15 pounds of Caviar
  • 6 pounds of Truffles
  • 100 Lobsters
  • 3 cases Harry’s Strawberries
  • 5 cases Local Raspberries
  • 60 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • 65 pounds Miyazaki Wagyu Beef
  • 20 pounds Local English Peas
  • 40 pounds Jackfruit
  • 10 pounds Purple Ninja Radish
  • 25 pounds Baby Rainbow Carrots
  • 25 pounds Baby Planet Carrots
  • 20 pounds Baby Turnips
  • 40 pounds Baby Anise Fennel
  • 25 pounds Premium Frisee
  • 465 pounds Baby Green Romaine Lettuce
  • 40 pounds Black Tuscan Kale
  • 300 pieces Baby Lolla Rossa Lettuce
  • 25 pounds Sugar Snap Peas
  • 65 pounds Heirloom Mix Beets
  • 50 pounds Local Rainbow Chard
  • 4 cases Organic Rucola
  • 100 pounds of Ground Beef 30 pounds of Prime New York
  • 120 pounds of Ahi Tuna
  • 25 pounds Valbrasco Feta
  • 56 pounds of Jumbo Lump
  • 50 pounds of Mozzarella
  • 30 pounds of Fontina
  • 30 pounds of Parmesan Reggiano
  • 1600 Housemade Mini Brioche Buns
  • 40 pounds of Duck Breast
  • 25 Gallons of Alta Dena Whole Milk
  • 2,600 Sesame Miso Cones

Ray Dolby Ballroom on the top level of Hollywood & Highland® immediately following the Oscars® broadcast.

The 94th Oscars® will be held on Sunday, March 27, 2022, at the Dolby® Theatre at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood and will be televised live on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and in more than 200 territories worldwide. Stay tuned here for all thing Oscars®.


Photo credit: Richard Harbaugh / ©A.M.P.A.S. Oscars® Press

* Jon Gray, Lester Walker and Pierre Serrao Ghetto Gastro

Pastry Design by Kamel Guechida and Garry Larduinat

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