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Emilia Perez ~ Surrender

Emilia Perez ~ Surrender

Emilia Perez surrendered a lot to get the results she was wanting. The surrendering allows Manitas to become the woman he has always wanted. This musical brings the transformation of cartel boss Manitas to reality he always wanted.

Emilia Perez Synopsis

Mexico, today. Overqualified and exploited, lawyer Rita is wasting her talents working for a large firm far better at whitewashing criminal garbage than serving justice. But an unexpected way out appears, the sort of offers you can’t refuse : to help feared cartel boss Juan “Little Hands” Del Monte – aka Manitas – retire from his business and disappear forever. Manitas has a plan he’s been fine-tuning in secret for years : to become, at last, the woman he’s always dreamed of becoming.

This film premiered at Cannes Film Festival.

Emilia Perez Staring Karla Sofía Gascón

Director Jacques Audiard brings his talents to the development of Karla Sofía Gascón as cartel boss Juan “Little Hands” Del Monte – aka Manitas and transformed to Emilia Perez. Gascón states about the characters, “It was a real gift from Jacques. It was wonderful to work with all these actors and to be a person in the film like that. I did not want to give on this opportunity. I threw myself into the character.”

This is Pérez’s first roll following transition in 2018. The film is the first film with all women as leads.

Emilia Perez Musical

Composers Camille and Clément Ducol with choreographer Paul Guilhaume brought this musical with a fluid acting and singing. Clément Ducol states, “There are lost of technical means at our disposal which enable us to make the music more of a part of the narrative.” The choreography needed to be apart of the script not just an obstacle. Damien Jalet says that it took some time to work how the choreography would fit in the story. Jalet states, “we needed to find a language that really worked for this story and something that all the actors could espouse as something real.”

The Opera

Audiard states, “It’s an opera . . . people sing and dance so why not against the background of a tragedy.” The films inspiration for the idea of the musical from a chapter in a novel about a drug trafficker who yearns to change his identity. The story brings forward the struggle of violence, femicide, regions that are crumbling, and missing people everywhere.

Adriana Paz states, ” I live in Mexico and every day I live with fear you can’t go out of your house at night alone. . . you have to be very careful in terms of your children as well. . . It is such a beautiful country with so much in terms of culture landscapes and worth many wonderful people. . . Jacques show with great mastery he mixes together the music and dancing. . . but you can sense the as the inner fiber.”

The release date is August 28, 2024.


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