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Tadashi Shoji ~ Embrace Colorful Optimism

Tadashi Shoji ~ Embrace Colorful Optimism

Tadashi Shoji embraces colorful optimism and soars to visionary heights. This spring 2023’s collection encourages us to take off into the wind and soar.

TADASHI SHOJI 4Chion Lifestyle NYFW Spring Summer


Inspiration Tadashi Shoji

The refreshing bright collection brings the rush of fashion seasons coming back and style key focus as we return to life. Spring is in the air as each piece walks the runway.

Shoji describes the collection, “as a true celebration in flight, inspired by the power of peace, grace, and hope. Because when doves fly, peace is within reach, and hope is infinite.”

All the Details

Shoji presents a collection of wind-blown shapes and streamlined silhouettes brimming with colorful optimism. Pieces include an ombré-hued gown crafted from bias-cut strips of crinkle chiffon, a black flared midi dress with allover appliquéd painterly flowers, and a mystic blue asymmetric gown with style lines abstracted from a dove’s in-flight silhouette. The crinkle chiffon creates beautiful texture and movement.

Runway Looks Tadashi Shoji

About Tadashi Shoji Designer 

Shoji, who stems from an artistic background, started his occasion wear brand in 1982 after noticing the few occasion dress options in the contemporary market. Celebrity fans include Michelle Obama, Octavia Spencer, Kate Hudson, Kaley Cuoco, and Ashley Graham.

Our favorite is Shoji ability to create fashion that is fitting for all body types, accentuate the beauty of each person wearing his creations. Altogether this collection brings excitement and elegance for spring and summer 2023.

Shop the designers current season here.

What is your favorite piece from the collections? Post your answer in our comments here.


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Images Courtesy of Tadashi Shoji Photographer Andrew Lee

Journey For St Louis BBQ ~ Road Trip

Journey For St Louis BBQ ~ Road Trip

Today is our journey to St. Louis for BBQ. Waking in the morning on our road trip there is a fresh coat of spring snow and 27 degrees in Eagle River Colorado. The morning birds are still happy and enjoying a little winter fun. Cherie and I get ready for the day and make our plans for the shortage from the snow closing I-70 in the Colorado Rockies.

Journey Denver to St Louis 4Chion Lifestyle Tammy Forchion and Cherie
Road Trip Cherie and Tammy Forchion

Vail Colorado Road Trip 

This was a real eye-opener in the morning. We had planned to try to go up further north towards Yellowstone, but as the week got closer the weather indicated snow. It has been a beautiful journey so far.  We get ready for the day. Grateful for Burt’s Bees Foot Creme, Coconut this is perfect for my feet to stay soft and non-drying. We are looking forward to some Medical Ball Tea at Starbucks for our drive to Vail and Denver.

The snow is slowly melting and roads are clearing up. The traffic is heavy as drivers try to get to their destination after an overnight road closure (thank you Expedia for all your assistance with the many reservations changes) We get to Vail Colorado just in time to hear the melting snow, capture a few photos, and watch as skiers get ready for a day of skiing.

The town brings a sense of a European Mountain town. The town was explored by Irishman George Gore, known as Lord Gore, and American frontiersman Jim Bridger was among the first explorers to venture into the mountainous region. There are little shops, skiing, and wonderful architecture.  Many buildings have high A-frame roofs and beautifully set into the landscape of the Rocky Mountains.

The town is perfect for winter sports and fun, but spring and summer are wonderful for travel. Vail Colorado offers:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Fly fishing
  • Hiking recommended
    • Vail Recreation Path
    • Piney River Trail
    • Minute Mile Trail
  • Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
  • Spa Services
  • River Rafting
  • Tubing

Continental Divide Journey

We head down the highway to one of the most impressive engineering creation Eisenhower Tunnel. This tunnel is 1.7 miles going under Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains. This tunnel is staffed with employees monitoring carbon levels and traffic. They walk the sidewalks inside, there are fire exits in the tunnel, and old booths where employees sat to watch traffic. The tunnel has a downgrade from the 11,000′ elevation. This section of I-70 through the Rocky Mountains is a wonderful journey of beauty and engineering.

Entering Denver, you quickly realize that the Rocky Mountains are behind the city to the West. Everything to the East is flat and you can see for miles. We stop for lunch at Zeppelin Station. This is a great place with a vast variety of healthy restaurants and a local bar.  Many locals gather here on Saturday afternoon to share stories and enjoy a great meal.

Journey Denver to St Louis 4Chion Lifestyle
Road Trip Denver to St. Louis

Aloha Poké Co. provides a light refreshing meal with a wide choice of vegetables and rice. This is a perfect meal for this long day of road travel. Cherie and I sit outside enjoying lunch in the spring sun and looking back at the Rocky Mountains thinking a strong contrast from the last two days to the journey that lays in front of us.

Kansas Journey

Heading back on our journey again the landscape becomes flat and almost desolate. It seems at times there is nothing but land here. The road seems to go forever and the earth seems flat. The journey begins to become endless. We begin counting water towers for entertainment. We counted 68 total from Kansas to Champaign IL. I am sure we missed a few here and there.

Missouri Journey

Rolling into Kansas City, MO. the city is beautiful. This is not on our scheduled stops, but one to return to for visiting. We see our first baseball stadium, The Kansas City Royals.  We make our way into Independence MO. Our ancestors were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We stopped by the Independence Visitors Center.

This center represents a time in the lives of the members of loss and contention with the government. They built homes and had plans for a temple for worship. The Saints entered the area in 1831 and by 1833 twelve hundred members in the area. This was a slave state and members did not support slavery. The voting power became a concern. The members were driven out of Independence in December 1833. The area is strong in religions started in the 1800s in the USA. The Community of Christ has a temple across the street. It is a great place to explore early American religion. As we make our way towards St. Louis there is a strong religious influence seen alone the freeway.

St. Louis City is a place that Cherie is excited to stop and explore. The first place we stop of course is the baseball stadium for the St. Louis Cardinals. It is a great place to explore the team and history. There are statues outside representing the best ballplayers. Looking behind the stadium, you see the Gateway Arch. This is the gateway to the West designed by architect Eero Saarinen. The St. Louis arch is the tallest arch in the western world. There are great things to do in St. Louis including:

  • Private beer lovers tour
  • Augusta wine tour
  • Lewis and Clark historic tour
  • Get a one-day adventure pass for admission to
    • Children’s Zoo,
    • Zooline Railroad
    • 4D Theater
    • Conservation Carousel
    • Stingrays at Caribbean Cove and Sea Lion Show

St. Louis is known for its arch and barbecue. This being a late Sunday afternoon we realize that many locations are not open, but find one near the ball field, SugarFire SmokeHouse BBQ! This is an award-winning restaurant under Chef Mike Johnson has studied with Myron Mixon, cooked under Emeril Lagasse and Charlie Trotter. It was a great experience of community, exceptional food (sweet potatoes the best) and BBQ pork and salmon. It was a great meal for the remaining day’s journey to Champaign IL.  We finally make it across the Mississippi River and enter Illinois.

To follow the road trip read here:

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The Journey to Zions and Beyond ~ Road Trip


Over The Rocky Mountains We Go ~ Road Trip


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Some May Even Call it Love ~ Niiffe

Some May Even Call it Love ~ Niiffe

Life brings vigor and invincible feeling you get from a brand new connection, some may even call it love. This collection by Niiffe is strong, bold, powerful, and modern. The collection brings femininity, passion, and strength.

Niiffe NYC Soiree 4Chion Lifestyle Love
NYC Soiree Niiffe Red Dress Collection

The Collection Love

The woman who wears these designs are in tune with her curves, body, and wants to accentuate every part. This is an opening of heart, mind, and being indestructible. The beautiful red color is perfect bringing longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, and romance to the collection. The woman is independent and willing to take risks. She hair and makeup details below. Omobolaji A Onaolapo, the designer at Niiffee, brings her understanding lines to complete the femininity and passion.

Omobolaji A Onaolapo Designer of Love Collection

Onaolapo began sewing from watching her mother sew curtains and bedding. She began with pencil sketches and began creating her clothing while in college. Soon her friends began asking for her to create clothing of them. Completing her degree she worked in the gas and oil industry, but one day decided to quit and focus on her golden empire, fashion.

Onaolapo began with a bespoke brand catering mainly for weddings and special events. Her designs have been on many red carpets and celebrities. Her designs represent her belief that women should fit the clothing and not the clothing fitting the woman. This spring summer 2018 collection brings the woman to a look that fits her every curve and line in an asymmetrical fashion.  Onaolapo stays focused and directed each day on her talent and dreams.

Niiffe Katherine Angelique NYC Soiree 4Chion Lifestyle love
NYC Soiree Niiffe Red Dress Collection Photo by Katherine Angelique

Balance In Life

Onaolapo enjoys starting her day successful. She states, “The first thing I do in the morning is open my eyes and say a prayer of gratitude. I know it sounds silly but it gets me positive and ready for the day when I acknowledge all the great things I have going for me.” This positive start to the day helps her maintain balance in life.

Developing an international fashion company takes a lot of time and effort. She maintains a balance by, “making sure I have a start and stop times. Yes, some days I can’t help it when work runs later than planned but I make sure that doesn’t happen a lot. So my loved ones don’t feel neglected and I have time for myself as well,” she says. This is an important example of taking care of self and personal relationships.

She continues with life balance and with exercise, a lot. She works on, strength training, yoga, and cardio. I can’t do without my workout routines. I am also super conscious of my diet so I try to stick to natural meals and freshly cooked meals.” Her focus on balancing her health, relationships, and business keep her on track to continue focusing on personal goals and achievement.

NYC Soiree Red dress fashion 4chion lifestyle love
NYC Soiree Niiffe Red Dress Collection

Achievement and Goals

Her biggest achievement to date is that she has not quit. She says, “Because this job is super stressful and demanding. And despite that my brand keeps growing.” Her insight into the fashion industry and continuing to develop and grow is stressful but maintains a good life balance with health, focus, and personal relationships.

She continues to focus and drive with her goal in place. Her top goal is, “the future includes pushing my brand to a level of success where it becomes a force to be reckoned with in fashion. Another important goal of mine is to use my medium (Fashion) to make an impact in people’s lives. If I can help one or two people do their goals and make their dreams a reality then that translates to success for me.” She is aware of her brand, success, and the women she is designing.

NYC Soiree Niffee Red Dress Collection 4chion lfiestyle Love
NYC Soiree Niiffe Red Dress Collection

The future is bright and her collections focused for the modern woman who is looking to love herself, her style, and her body. Her spring-summer 2018 collection presented at the FDC-YDA Soiree in New York City.


The young designers are ages 9-25 years. The vision is to present an international platform for dynamic young designers. This is to help them to find their niche as people and become a brand in their own right. Increasing the numbers and visibility of young and exceptionally gifted multi-cultural designers. Then encourage them to reach their true potential, by rewarding those who excel both creatively and academically


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Connect with Niiffe here:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NIIFFE/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yourniiffe/

twitter https://twitter.com/niiffe

Connect with FAST here:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cureangelman.org

Twitter https://twitter.com/cureangelman

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cureangelman/

Photography full dress collection by Katherine Angelique connect here

Connect with The Paul Hotel Here

Connect with  Paparazzi Accessories Here

Makeup by Lola Flawless Makeup

Hair Elevated Hair By Tiffaney Muas

The Killing Fields Collection ~ Honee Persona

The Killing Fields Collection ~ Honee Persona

House of Honee presents spring summer 2018 collection at Style Fashion Week in West Hollywood and on the USS Intrepid. This designer is one to keep an eye. Her talents bring art, awareness, and fashion together. This collection brings forward the genocide of the Khmer people and the fashion we create from animals.

Honee Persona ~ Spring-Summer 2018 NYFW 4Chion Lifestyle s

House of Honee brings full styling and design to the inspiration for the spring-summer 2018 collection.  Each runway piece is style specific to the clothing design. This collection continues to present an industrial design background to her runway collection. She incorporates this in her fashion. The material used for this collection are unconventional and materials creating sculptures.

Honee Persona ~ Spring-Summer 2018 NYFW 4Chion Lifestyle s

Persona states, “The Killing Fields collection is about the genocide of the Khmer people, and of all the atrocities committed in the name of ethnic cleansing. We adorn ourselves with beautiful products that come from animals, like silkworms and sheep, etc.. And ingest them as food. Yet, we ourselves are the animals within who are capable of committing heinous acts for dominance and/or joy against the animals and our own kind. Let’s ask ourselves, who are the real animals?”

Honee Persona ~ Spring-Summer 2018 NYFW 4Chion Lifestyle s

This collection continues with the brand identity of fashion, art, creativity, and philanthropy. It brings awareness about atrocities that take place in our world.

See the full runway collection here https://4chionlifestyle.com/honee-persona-spring-summer-2018-photos/

Before the start of the runway walk, a video that Persona directed played https://youtu.be/f-qjJ-NyyLI


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Makeup TNT Agency

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Photos Courtesy of Style Fashion Week

The Designer to the Stars ~ Rocky Gathercole

The Designer to the Stars ~ Rocky Gathercole

Rocky Gathercole, the designer to the stars, brings controversy to many of his designs. He presents his spring-summer 2018 collection at Art Hearts Fashion Week in Beverly Hills. This collection brings Baroque period down the runway.

Rocky Gathercole At Los Angeles Fashion Week SS18 Art Hearts Fashion LAFW
Rocky Gathercole At Los Angeles Fashion Week SS18 (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)

Gathercole is a designer who as a teenager could not get a job as a janitor but he focused and achieved his dream of fashion. His designs now dress the top celebrities in Hollywood. His creation worn by Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Thalia, and more. His runways always come with intense design and beauty.

This collection draws from the Baroque period with drama, grandeur in sculpture, and print. The prints bring the old church stain glass to life in dramatic fashion. The details include exception beading adding texture and light to the designs.

Rocky Gathercole At Los Angeles Fashion Week SS18 Art Hearts Fashion LAFW
Rocky Gathercole At Los Angeles Fashion Week SS18 (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)

The collection brings awe as each piece makes it way down the runway. The menswear is sexually tantalizing with vests, waistcoats, and jackets, without shirts. The with the stain glass prints is decorative exuberance.

Rocky Gathercole At Los Angeles Fashion Week SS18 Art Hearts Fashion LAFW
Rocky Gathercole SS18 Art Hearts Fashion LAFW (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images)

The collections bring a strong modern flair to the Baroque style. This is a collection that many pieces are sure to be at holiday parties, red carpets, and award season.

See the full collection here.


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April Love Pro Makeup Academy

Connect with Rocky Gathercole here:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/verygathercole/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Rocky-Gathercole-505011906324860/

Twitter https://twitter.com/RockyGathercole




Risk Taking In Fashion ~ Fenty X Puma

Risk Taking In Fashion ~ Fenty X Puma

Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma New York Fashion Week (NYFW) show brings risk-taking to the runway. The collection is perfect for great spring summer adventures.

Fenty x Puma NYFW Spring Summer 2018 4Chion Lifestyle
Fenty x Puma NYFW Spring Summer 2018

The stage covered in gorgeous pink sand and motocross riders flipping over the sand. The show continues with a runway of fashion for various high adventure sports. The collection includes:

  • Swimwear perfect for poolside, cruise, or the beach
  • Motocross
  • Scuba diving
  • Biker shorts
  • Surfing
  • Workout clothing
  • Street gear
  • Athletic wear
  • Track pants

The shoes and accessories take activewear to a new level.  They is a selection of workout, heels, and her chunky boots. Rihanna is the only woman recipient of Footwear News’. She brings the fanny pack trend to the collection. We saw this trend with Marc Jacobs collection and Noon by Noor. Rihanna earlier in the week was wearing a Guess fanny pack.

Rihanna not only presented the best runway at NYFW, she released her Fenty Beauty sold at Sephora during fashion week. This brand is the makeup for the runway.  Tavao Palomin at Makeup By Tavao discusses Rihanna’s compact highlighter Ginger Binge/ Moscow Mule created to give you the look she wore to the Met Gala recently.

Rihanna Met Gala 4Chion Lifestyle
Rihanna Met Gala

The collection and makeup are the talks of beauty and fashion. Rihanna’s collection brings fashion to high-risk sports and activewear with high-end fashion, style, and flair.


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Connect with the Fenty X Puma here:

Website https://www.sephora.com/fenty-beauty-rihanna

Website http://us.puma.com/en_US/collections/collaborations/fenty-puma-by-rihanna

Connect with Rihanna here:

Twitter https://twitter.com/rihanna

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rihanna/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/badgalriri/

Connect with Tavao Makeup here:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/makeupbytavao

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tavaopalomin/

Twitter https://twitter.com/tavaopalomin

New York Fashion Week Trends Spring Summer 2018

New York Fashion Week Trends Spring Summer 2018

New York Fashion Week brings the best in ready-wear, glamour, and diversity to the spring summer 2018 runway.  The designers are showing all over the beautiful city from New York Fashion Week (NYFWO). The season brings returning trends and exciting new ones.

NYFW Floral Trends Spring Summer 2018 4Chion Lifestyle
Floral Trends Spring Summer 2018

Floral carry over from the winter trends. Many designers like Tadashi Shoji present appliquéd floral, while Christian Siriano presents a beautiful floral print in his collection. There is a variety of floral this season winter trend was roses. The trend on sleeves continues with a flair. The straps on many looks on the runway have ties or embellishments added to them. The sleeve trends include adding texture to the sleeves.

NYFW Spring Summer 2018 sleeves 4Chion Lifestyle

The spring-summer collections bring a play on angles, geometric shapes, pleats,  and ruffles. This brings a touch of femininity, texture, shape, volume, and movement to spring summer fashion.

NYFW Spring Summer 2018 pleats, angles, ruffles 4Chion Lifestyle

Desigual presented a runway that was more drama, acting, and dancing. Watching the show it was easy to forget this was a fashion show.  The runway look and styling very ethereal, bold colors, with a jungle feel.  The collection uses geometric shapes trend. This is the first show under creative director Jean-Paul Goude. The runway collection is full of multicultural diversity and fun.

NYFW Spring Summer 2018 Desigual 4Chion Lifestyle
Desigual NYFW Spring Summer 2018

Embracing diversity at the runway shows at New York Fashion Week. The runways filled with multicultural, people of all ages, and body image embracing. Ashley Graham, body activist, presents a runway celebrating all women. You can follow her conversation at #BeautyBeyondSize.

New York Fashion Week is fashion everywhere. The fashion and trends will bring great insight for your personal styling.  The conversation and influence continue through Wednesday.


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Christian Siriano

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Bibhu Mohapatra

Twitter http://twitter.com/BibhuMohapatra


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/chromat/

Tadashi Shoji

Instagram http://instagram.com/tadashishoji

Concept Korea

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/conceptkorea_kr/

Addition Elle

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/additionelle/

Ashley Graham

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theashleygraham/?hl=en

Coco Rocha

Twitter https://twitter.com/cocorocha