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Over The Rocky Mountains We Go ~ Road Trip

Over The Rocky Mountains We Go ~ Road Trip

The Rocky Mountains (Rockies) was home for me for decades. Many of my ancestors crossed over these mountains to settle the Salt Lake Valley. These gorgeous mountains brought each seasons beauty with exceptional colors. Heading over the Rockies my sister, Cherie, joins for the rest of the journey.

Utah Rocky Mountains Road Travel 4Chion Lifestyle
Utah Rocky Mountains Road Travel

Utah Rocky Mountains

Growing up near the mountains, the seasons each bring a wonderful set of adventures. Mount Timpanogos, a view seen from the deck of my childhood home, is the second highest mountain the Wasatch Range. It is a great place for:

  • Summer
    • hiking including to Timpanogos Cave
    • camping
    • fishing
    • river rafting
    • boating
    • Alpine Slide in Park City 
    • Seven Peaks Water Park
  • Fall
    • Drive the Alpine Loop at the peak of the leave colors
    • Picnicking
    • Visit Bridal Veil Falls
  • Winter
  • Spring
    • Thanksgiving Point
    • Utah Film Festival
    • Crandall Historical Printing Museum (covers 400 years of printing)

The area has exceptional art and culture events as well. This is a great place for family road trips and staying for a week of fun.


Leaving Utah County through Spanish Fork Canyon is a beautiful drive. Spanish Fork Canyon goes south over Soldier Summit (7,477 ft.) and then back down through Price Canyon. The drive is very scenic and great for Geology fans. It is full of wildlife. The Rocky Mountains are such a beautiful relaxing place to play and explore.

We stop in Green River just before Colorado. Lisa Sherman recommended having lunch at Ray’s Tavern. This was our first travel contest. Congrats, to Wes Hawkins at Utah Travels for knowing what city we were enjoying lunch. We ordered the chicken sandwich and a Garden Burger®. They had a Utah tradition on fry sauce, created by Don Carlos Edwards in the 1950s. It is as simple as ketchup and mayonnaise whipped together. I have seen variations with adding sour cream or buttermilk. This was a treat for sure. It was a great place. The waitress extremely friendly and the food fresh, including the fries.

Ray's Cafe Rockey Mountain Road Trip Travel 4Chion Lifestyle
Ray’s Cafe Road Trip Travel

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Full and ready to get through Colorado to Denver. We hit the road again and see the landscape change more. You lose sight of the Rocky Mountains. The Green Rivers flow into Colorado River (the mighty river that creates the Grand Canyon). The highway follows this along through Colorado Rockies.

Cherie and Tammy Road Trip 4chion lifestyle
Cherie and Tammy Road Trip

The I-70 takes on new meaning to the Rockies. You enter this large canyon and marvel at the engineering feat you are driving. Colorado River runs through the narrow canyon that has two-lane traffic in each direction through Glenwood Canyon. The rain and temperature begin falling. Soon iMaps lets us know that we are not going to make to Denver for the night. The freeway closes just up the road for snow. I need to find a hotel before they fill-up. We find the Eagle River Lodge. This was a perfect place to stay for the evening.

Colorado Rocky Mountains road trip 4chion lifestyle
Colorado Rocky Mountains Road Trip

The driving time cut short we enjoyed an evening of great local food and beauty time. Cherie went out to pick-up dinner from Luigi’s Pasta House salad and a medium vegetable pizza. After dinner, we enjoyed a night of cleansing, moisturizing, and using masks on our faces and lips with Burt’s Bees. I have been on the road for a week and traveling through various climates, different types of soap and water, and sleeping locations my skin was feeling tired and dry. Burt’s Bees is so wonderful. Cherie even enjoyed the results. When on a road trip it is important to remember to take care of your skin. Playing on the television in the room was a marathon of Tom Hank’s movies. We head off to sleep for another day of road tripping across the US.


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