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Tag: Women In Film

Grief and Loss ~ “The Visit” a Film By Romina Schwedler

Grief and Loss ~ “The Visit” a Film By Romina Schwedler

Romina Schwedler, screenwriter and director, presents her first filmThe Visit, at Prescott Film Festival. This short film is a juxtaposition on life events.

The Visit is a day in the time of a visit with a mother (June Squibb) and son (Sean Maher). The story takes a specific moment in time during the son’s life and develops a sequence of events that change lives. The son must face the consequences of the events.

Schwedler’s attention to details in the film completes the story. She states, “every little detail, in the lighting, the wardrobe design, and every odd thing matters.” The juxtaposition of this story develops well with the attention to details.

Schwedler develops the story from a conversation she had with her father concerning her aunt. Her aunt experiences loss of most family and friends. Coping with the deep grief and loss her aunt develops elaborate stories about those she lost. Her techniques in film development here allow the audience to experience the emotions in the story.

The casting for the short film was “serendipitous,” she says. She approaches June Squibb, Oscar-nominated actress, at an award dinner in Los Angeles with a flash drive of the script. Sean Maher, Ben in the short film, heard about the project and appreciates June Squibb’s work. His agent contacted Schwedle in regards to working on the project.  The casting provides a twist much like the film. Check local film festival events for screening.


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The Hidden Side ~ Allegoria

The Hidden Side ~ Allegoria


Allegoria LJFFF 4Chion Lifestyle
Allegoria Fashion Film Photo Credit LJIFFF

Allegoria directed by Ines von Bonhorst, she is a director, producer, and video artist. Her work includes documentaries, long and short films, experimental films and video art installations, worldwide. Yuri Pirondi work reflects a relationship between visual art and cinematic experience. He Follows a multidisciplinary and transversal artistic direction in which he collaborates with different artists. This couple’s talents combine creating Allegoria, a short fashion film, screened at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

Allegoria Synopsis: A fashion short film based on the subconscious side of the human affections.

  • The film is about the subconscious side of the human affections. How does this film connect to fashion?

Usually, fashion is all about our external shell, how we appear, how we look to other people. Our idea instead is to take out our hidden side and show it in a shape of cinematic emotion, where our main character is fighting against her doppelgänger.

As the movie developed, also the dress does. From a tight look that constraint the actress in the beginning of the movie, slowly our character reaches her freedom, as well as the clothes, became light and soft.

The ideas behind the look of our actress are from our great stylist Daniela Corcio, also the designer of IKONOSTAS, the dresses used in the video.

  • How does location play into the subconscious side of the human affections? 

The location in our video is a middle-age castle based in North Italy. By itself a castle is like a fort, this metaphor; the castle represents the mood of our main character. When she finally manages to be herself, she runs away from the castle, in other terms the location work as a main element in the movie.

  • What is the one thing you do each day to make it successful?  

Keep creating. Keep doing movies! Working hard every day, and always have a new project in mind to develop it!

  • What is your background in film and direction?

As a couple, we have 2 different backgrounds. Ines has a sharp eye on working with actors and editing, developed during the years. Yuri instead has a background more focus on the photography and mise-en-scene. We are definitely complementary in our job!

  • What is your insight into women in film creation, with 7.5% being directed by women (Women In Film)?

As the woman co-director, I can describe my own feelings and thoughts and try to trespass those same moods to film and acting.

The majority of women pass from different period and moods and I think there is no one better than other women to speak about that same feeling.

The statistics are low but I have an optimist view where the numbers are getting higher, at the moment there are much more women studying film and I think the statistics will change in a near future.

  • What is one way that we can support women created films as a participant in films? 

I think the best way is to work hard every day and try to create your own identity, as a woman and as an individual. In my opinion, anyone that insists and works hard for what they want, in one way or another they end up reaching their goals. Unfortunately as a woman, a majority of the times, you have to do it even harder. The way to support women in films is to include more female characters and try to understand their point of views.

  • When creating this film what was the advantage of being a short film? 

The main advantages to making a short are the low costs of production and the short time to make the movie, so you can have a product in your hand in few days of work. We would love to work on a feature movie instead, where you can have plenty of time to develop story and characters.

  • Subconscious and surrealism is a theme through out your films how did you mix this with Allegoria? 

Yes, we usually work with surrealist images, in the case of Allegoria we worked on the idea of doppelgänger effect, where our main character talk with her double to discover her persona and finally be free from her self-judgment.

  • What are other locations this film will be screening?  

The movie aside La Jolla Fashion Film Festival has been shown at the Canadian Fashion Film Festival in Calgary, and also is trying to participate at Milano Fashion Film Festival, Istanbul, Brussels, London, and Porto.

The film takes fashion full circle with the concept of what is real and not real, similar to the Allegory of The Cave by Plato.


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