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Embracing Life and Following Dreams ~ Grace Wethor

Embracing Life and Following Dreams ~ Grace Wethor

Grace Wethor Vogue La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet Tammy Forchion LJFFF 4Chion Lifestyle
Grace Wethor Teen Vogue® It Girl, Red Carpet Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.

Grace Wethor, a Teen Vogue® It Girl, joins us at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. Her red carpet is a trend with magnificent sleeves. Wethor is gracious, talented, beautiful, and a brainstem Glioma tumor survivor.

Grace Wethor Red Carpet Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.

Wethor takes each day doing what she loves. She states, “2 weeks after my diagnosis I decided that modeling and acting are what I am doing with my life. I moved to Los Angeles and went full force. Before I knew it I was signed with an agent and manager.” She embraced the 8% living for 6 months with this diagnosis to the maximum. This decision and diagnosis took place two years ago. She focuses her goals, life, and mind on living each day.

Grace Wethor Fashion Runway Coverage 4Chion Lifestyle
Grace Wethor Fashion Runway Coverage Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.

Embracing each day and taking charge of her health she has accomplished:

Teen Vogue® It Girl provides her a place where she feels nostalgic. Attending Catholic school in Minnesota Teen Vogue® provided her a look that was more inspiring than her school uniform. Becoming an It Girl was a dream come true.

Grace Wethor Daniel Chimowitz La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet Tammy Forchion LJFFF 4Chion Lifestyle
Grace Wethor Vogue® It Girl, Tammy Forchion  Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.

These opportunities give Wethor a place to share her story. She embraces the idea that we are all living good days, bad days, and hard days. Wethor says, “I am three different people. There is sick Grace, there is normal teenage Grace, and model/actress Grace. I have found the perfect balance that works.” This balance is giving Wethor a life that is full and touching.

She wants everyone to know that no matter your situation you can live life to the fullest. She has been able to share her story of life living with a brain tumor, sharing her talents, and joining forces with Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Grace Wethor Vogue  Red Carpet Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.

Wethor took the ability to live life to the fullest by asking herself what do I want from life. She has made those dreams come true through continued medical care, headaches, and other side effects. Wethor forges through all this with strength, determination, and a wonderful mother who listens to her dreams. Wethor will keep embracing her dreams and making a positive impact in the world.


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