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Relationships Real and Technical ~ Robots

Relationships Real and Technical ~ Robots

Robots LJFFF Best Director 4Chion LIfestyle
Robots LJFFF Best Director Photo Credit LJIFFF

Robots, World Premiere at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, gives us insight to their award-winning film. This film awarded Best Directors for Josh Brandåo and Nicolai Kornum. This film provides an insight into the blurred world of technology and human emotions that are fluid between humans and droids.

  • How does this film connect to fashion?

Robots” is an editorial style fashion film, which involves 6 primary designers, we invited them to take part in the project. The film uses fashion items creating the universe. This gives it a special aesthetic look, i.e. using close-ups of fashion items as doorways or buildings etc. We incorporate fashion with makeup and body painting for the characters’ look and use fashion accessories as props and plot points. This unique world creates the background for our story taking a critical look at our relationship with modern technology: smartphones and social media.

  •  How does location play into the subconscious side of the human affections? 

It might not play a big part in life, locations seem to disappear around us when our eyes become distracted and affected by an object or subject. Using film language, however, there is an option to create places and surroundings to build the atmosphere and mood of the characters to convey their feelings. This develops a subconscious level to an audience, which opens up many possibilities.

Robots Crew La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet 4Chion Lifestyle
Robots Crew La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.
  • What is the one thing you do each day to make it successful? 

Drink coffee in the morning.

  • What is your background in film and direction? 

We have together made several fashion films over the last 6 years that have won several awards at festivals. We develop, produce, and finish the projects together from our photographic studio based in London.

Josh Brandao has a Master’s Degree in Fashion Photography from London College of Fashion and a degree in Moving Image and Performance Design from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Nicolai Kornum worked for 8 years as a First Assistant Director in Feature Films, Commercials, and TV-Drama and trained at the European Film College in Directing and Editing.

  • When creating this film what was the advantage of being a short film?

Most of the fashion films we create are usually editorial fashion films showcasing several designers in the same way as a magazine editorial and are not an advertising for one specific brand. This means we have greater creative freedom but the budgets are lower, which makes short films ideal. 

The short film format fits well for our stories and ideas, and is perfect for online distribution and showcasing at international festivals at this stage in our carriers.

  • This film takes on a message outside of the actual robot being the robot in the film. How was this juxtaposition developed?

We think it’s interesting how today we have become so attached to the great technology. We have the available in the palm of our hands that we seem more and more living inside the world of our smartphones and computers, perhaps neglecting what’s around us too. Of course, technology is important and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and interactions.

In Robots, we tried to blur the lines between the humans and machines, playing with inverting the roles, both in the sense of making humans more like robots and giving actual robots human emotions.

  • What are the other locations is this film will be screening? 

The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in San Diego, California is Robots world premiere. From there we will be screening the film in the International Fashion Film Festival circuit. Our next stop is the Miami Fashion Film Festival.

This film uses fashion to create the sensory experience of reality and machines being difficult to differentiate between. This creates a conversation about this reality as a real possibility in the near future with the complex development of machines.

Robots Directors La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet 4Chion Lifestyle
Robots Directors La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Red Carpet Photo Credit Raymond L Forchion Jr.

A side note, we enjoyed the directors fun stylish suits worn on the red carpet.


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Fashion By:

Mia Makeup:


Hugo Boss

Dead Lotus Couture



Ted Baker

Roland Mouret


Producers & Directors | Josh Brandao & Nicolai Kornum

Cinematographer Editor |  Edited by Nicolai Kornum

Still Photography | Josh Brandão 

Makeup Einat Dan (Two time recipent Internation Fashion Film Makeup)

Prosthetic Make Up Artists ADRIAN RIGBY (Jordan Ebbitt) DANNY MARIE ELIAS (Nina De Lianin)

Make Up Artist ALESSANDRA SEMISA (Nina De Lianin)

Make Up Assistant FANNY BURGOS

Hair Styling | Ruby Hoshangi 

Stylist Thomas Petraccaro

Original Music Jan-Michael Coetzee

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