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C+ Plus ~ Urban, Luxury, and Modern

C+ Plus ~ Urban, Luxury, and Modern

C+ Plus presents spring summer 2019 runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). This collection is modern, luxurious, and urban for women.

C+ Plus Creative Team

This team brings a talent that brings award-winning fashion to womenswear. This is a collaboration of designer C.T.LIU and CHABER. They bring strong lines, deconstruction, fabric development, and a very modern look to their designs. This is a clothing line that allows women to feel a beautiful, confident, and graceful. 

The clothing started in Asia in 2013 where it was labeled one of the Ten Most Successful Brands in Asia. They continued to win awards during Mercedes-Benz Asia Most Potential Asian Designer. This seasons collection continues to be awestruck. 

C+ Plus NYFW Runway 

This season the collection brings lines. The design with these lines brings an accentuating point for women’s bodies. The bold colors and fabrics are on course with the fashion. 

The deconstruction of the clothing brings a dimension and architecture to the clothing. This provides a real art to fashion style, a theme found throughout fashion week. The depth and movement in the deconstruction clothing is inspiring. The use of traditional fashion now takes on a very modern look.

The lines and deconstruction play well on the clothing and a feminine feel. The strong layering continuing depth theme making a great start to pre-spring and early spring fashion. A strong woman is represented well with this collection. 

The styling is simple with light makeup and sleeked back hair. The shoes are the trending sneaker that carries over from summer. The formal looks include boots. One model wears tall boots one black and one white with a black and white dress. This is a fun look.

C+Plus is a collection that carries urban, modern, and luxurious.

Photo credit Daniel Chimowitz


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