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Kelly Anne ~ Wicked and Fierce

Kelly Anne ~ Wicked and Fierce

Kelly Anne, hairstyle, is a strong, fierce, and loving woman. Her beauty, and energy light up any room. 

Meeting her for the first time at the Moxy open house I remember her energy and excitement filling the room. She is a mother and grandmother. Recently spent her Grandparent’s Day with her grandchildren. She has a true love of life and people.

Anne’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

She began her beauty career as a licensed cosmetologist 23 years ago. The training provided her with an understanding of healthy hair and scalp. Meeting with chemists, doctors, beauty brands, and celebrities. This journey leads to the development of her own hair care beauty line.

This beauty line is something really needed. The development of this product is with shea butter. This is a product that is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It is a moisturizer, relieves inflammation as well as dry itchy skin. This is important in hair care. Missy Echeverria states, “The athletes love it, their wives live it and I love it!” 

Anne’s Products

The development provides a unisex product that is great for men and women. Tom Boy Wicked encourages men that it is ok to groom. This is a clean collection for men or women. There is a moisturizer, hair gel, and body splash. The body splash is refreshing and alluring.

Recent product addition to the hair product line is K A Holistic Hemp-Notic. This product line includes CBD and hemp infused. This is full of Omega 3s. Omega 3s is fabulous for:

  • Hair loss prevention
  • Stops breakage
  • Healthy lush hair
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Encourages hair growth

The unique qualities of the KA beauty line are clean and natural. The development attention to the scalp and the importance of scalp care for healthy hair. Each product in the hair care line focuses on refreshing and moisturizing the scalp. “LOVE these holistic hair products! 
I rub it on my temples for stress headaches and migraines! And my neck, after a hard days work! My scalp feels invigorated after using the spray.
I recommend trying both.”

Anne’s Beauty Tip 

The key to beautiful hair is:

  • Trim the ends of your hair.
  • Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. Just as your skin needs hydration so does your scalp.
  • A great product is the KA Holistic scalp therapy. It does not leave a heavy or oily feeling.
Anne’s Fondest Memory

Anne’s favorite memory, “I have so many fond memories but one that stands out firm is when I went to Paris because of my product line. Yes, I sent my line ahead of me and arrived later. To open arms, Hotel Disney in Paris attending the Face Of the World Pageant.” What a wonderful time Paris and Disneyland. Hot chocolate and coffee, a little romance with the city of Paris and fun with Disneyland.

Anne’s Start to the Day

Her way to make it a great day it starts with, “sage and a few minutes of meditation.  Then 1 hour of online marketing.  That never fails but I must admit some mornings I have to push myself.”  This is a great way to start a day some meditation and social connection. 

Anne creates a world that is full of beauty and fun. Her talents and insight bring a line of beauty products for your hair care that is unique for your best hairstyle. Stay tuned KA Brand will be apart of our fall beauty contest coming soon. 


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Photo Credits Donnie Dontae and Ellie Burgueno

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