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Stephanie Nauli ~ Look in The Mirror

Stephanie Nauli ~ Look in The Mirror

Stephanie Nauli, philanthropist, musician, and model, will be attending E-Feminista Freedom Tour by Crowned for Success in New York city. She brings with her talents, service, and inspiration to this event. Nauli motto is, “look in the mirror and know you can be anything.” Get a little insight to this amazing woman.

What is the one thing you do to start each day to be successful?

I thank God for all the opportunities at hand and read my Holy Bible devotionals to get my mind and heart right for the course of the day.

As a young child what was the one thing you wanted to be as an adult?

A star.

Being a single mother what is the one tip to scheduling and management of a busy life you use? 

Grant Cardone’s 10X Success Planner.

Thank you for your service in the military. How has being a member of the military benefited your current career in entertainment?

Being that I was the 1st Armored Division’s National Anthem Singer at Fort Bliss, Texas, with my face on a training site banner, I would say it was an honorable experience that better prepared me for the future.

Stephaie Nauli E-Feminista 4Chion Lifestyle
Key to your life is philanthropy what is the one area that you see we can get motivated to participate?

We can’t put full responsibility on the White House. They are doing their part as our nation’s leaders. But the people are the hands and feet of the changes we wish to see.

Health is wealth and doing everything we can to sustain and improve the health of our environment ensures that we ourselves can live healthier and more profitable lives, by saving money on medical bills and capitalizing on athletic endeavors, to name a few. Money does not flow without us and does not flow as productively if we are not at our optimal state of health. Our well-being is reflected by what we consume, and this includes the kind of air we breathe.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has made such a lasting impact in my native country, Indonesia, who now have been all about going green, improving the overall health of their economy, and many others, to include the U.S. Definitely, support their work and progress.

You focus on empowering people to be the best most positive life. How did you gain 1 insight or tool for your book?

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you can see it, you can believe it. Before anything manifests into something, it begins with an idea. That idea requires a plan of action if you want to make it happen. That is why I included a visual planning exercise in the Master Life Assessment Tool in the back of my Amazon bestseller “Master Life: 7 Powers to Living At Your Highest Potential.

This way your dream goes from concept to reachable opportunity.

Stephaie Nauli E-Feminista 4Chion Lifestyle
Stephanie Nauli
E-Feminista is about creating a “laptop lifestyle” for women. How do you interpret that in your daily living? 

I am a Regional Vice President of Crowned for Success, LLC, a sisterhood of entrepreneurial women and online business owners who contribute a portion of our proceeds against domestic violence and children’s education. We are all about the remote living lifestyle because we as women of ambition, have lots we are passionate about doing that can’t all be done in a cubicle. As an influencer and marketer, my work is done 80% on my phone, 10% on a laptop or computer, and 10% in a recording studio or film set. This allows me to travel where I want, when I want, and with who, doing what I love.

What is the one moment in your life that you felt that you had made around the corner?

When I started my own production and marketing company, Millennial Entertainment, LLC, that was the decision to create my own opportunities instead of waiting in line.

Your Motto is “Look in the mirror and know you can be anything…” Do you feel you have achieved that to this time in life?

Absolutely, I always will be, because I believe in having a growth-mindset and continually learning things that better myself, my life, my performance, and my business. Every time I reach a goal, I will always want to take it to the next level. That’s just me. Complacency is a dangerous place to be.

One beauty tip you use to be the best you possible.

Staying hydrated prevents wrinkles and keeps the skin supple, and lips plush, with the help of a natural color lip enhancer by IT Cosmetics, Je Ne Sais Quoi nourishing lipstick. It’s my everyday lip magic.

What are your current and upcoming projects for film, modeling, or entertainment?

I have an action/drama screenplay in development, it’s almost like Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets the Goodfellas, and there are several distribution opportunities for that as well as for brands and investors. I’ve been blessed to receive brand ambassador opportunities that I’m considering, in athletic gear and makeup. I also landed a supporting role in a military drama feature film, Charlie Med, in pre-production, and I’m releasing my first EP on my 27th birthday, September 9th, that includes the cinematic pop-orchestra song, “You Can Be”, on all radio streams.


The Event

E-Feminista Freedom Tour by Crowned for Success!
Sunday, Sept 16, 10a-4p
Jolie Studio, Brooklyn

The E-Feminista Freedom Tour is to teach you how to build a business with purpose, passion, and profits.

Nauli, Stephanie. Personal interview. 4 Sep. 2018

Connect with Stephanie Nauli here:





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