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Sunscreen Hair Care ~ Beauty Tip

Sunscreen Hair Care ~ Beauty Tip

Sunscreen is a must during the hot summer days at the beach, pool, and outside activities. Sunscreen is great for skin protection from burns, blisters, and skin cancers. Sunscreen is just as important to care for your hair during the harsh summer conditions.

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Hair Care Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important for your scalp, this is covered by skin. Your hair needs this same protections as well. Wearing hats is always a good option in the summer for protection of your scalp and hair. Purchasing hats with a wide brim and sun protection is an exceptional protection.

Hair sunscreen is very important to protect hair. The wind, sun, chlorine, loss of moisture, and heat damage hair. This damage causes brittle, dry, and lackluster hair. There are many products and remedies you can use to protect your hair during your summer fun.

Hair Care Recipe

Some of the recommendations are:

Homemade Hair Care Mask

1 cup olive oil or Coconut Oil slightly melted (the oils provide SPF 8)

Please use only one of the oils.

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Mix ingredients to a paste. Massage into hair and wrap in plastic shower cap, sack, or wrap. Leave on hair 15-20 min. Wash with warm water and gentle shampoo. Style as usual.

Hair Sunscreen Products

Maily O’Neil, owner at Mai Salon  in Palm Desert CA, states at Style Fashion Week, “Remember the sunscreen for you hair. Lots of love for your hair.” Share your favorite summer beauty tips in the comment section. Have a great summer.

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