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The Walking Man ~ D’ Jesus Trujillo

The Walking Man ~ D’ Jesus Trujillo

Eva Capra D' Jesus Trujillo 4Chion Lifestyle
D’ Jesus Trujillo and Ava Capra Photo credit Raymond L. Forchion

D’ Jesus Trujillo graces the world with his own personal style on the red carpet and catwalk. He states, “It is all in the confidence.” Trujillo brings his Latin flair, confidence, and style to his walk anywhere.

  • “How did life’s journey bring you to television, runway training, and production?”
    • “I have always had a fascination with Style and Fashion. When I was in my teens, I moved to Mexico City to become an actor. My dream was to move to the United States and break into Hollywood. While studying at the Andreas Soler Academy I taught modeling and choreography to support my education. I realized that I had a passion for the industry and my desire to pursue this path as a career developed.”
    • “After moving to California, I found it was a struggle just to survive. My resolve to succeed intensified not just for me, but to help others like me who have a passion for design, modeling and style. I wanted to prove to myself and show others that success can be achieved with focus, determination, and patience. One night while watching Univision, I saw a feature on a Latina designer who made it big in the U.S. Her story inspired me to reach for the impossible and to never be ashamed of who I am or where I came from.”
  • “As a business owner in the fashion and entertainment arena what one piece of insight would you share?”
    • “Never give up your dreams and never compromise who you are. Your uniqueness is one of your biggest assets.”
D' Jesus Trujillo Runway 4Chion Lifestyle
D’ Jesus Trujillo and Tammy Forchion Photo credit Raymond L. Forchion
  • “What are the changes to fashion shows and runways you have seen in the last few years?”
    • “Acceptance of and a trend toward more ‘real’ models. I am seeing more models who don’t fit the traditional ideals. Models who are shorter, plus sized, older and those who push traditional gender boundaries are becoming more common. I believe this is a healthy trend for the Industry and for the public.”
  • “When looking for talent what are the top three items do you look for?”
    • “Personality. Charisma and personality is key to being able to sell a garment.”
    • “Looks. Uniqueness or the ‘X-Factor‘ needs to match the image of the designer and the garments that will be on the runway.”
    • Confident. All-inclusive walk and presence that will transform each garment into “fashion”
  • “How does social media play in your business and training?”
    • “Social Media is essentially primary to getting my image and my message out. It is invaluable for networking and for keeping up with fashion trends both in style and design. You cannot be successful today without a strong social media presence.”
D' Jesus Trujillo Strut The Walking Man Art Hearts Fashion 4Chion Lifestyle
D’ Jesus Trujillo and cast Photo credit Raymond L. Forchion
  • “Recently you had some cameos on Strut,  produced by Whoopi Goldberg, what does this show bring to the transgender community and the fashion industry?”
    • “Strut is groundbreaking in showing that the Transgendered Community consists of people with normal lives who have the courage to be who they are. It provides courage and inspiration to an unimaginably huge population of people who struggle to find themselves and fully develop to their full potential regardless of the challenges they face in our culture. It also shows the status quo in the industry that it’s who you are, not what you are supposed to be that holds star potential.”
  • “What is the one thing you do each morning to start off your day?”
    • “Each day I wake up, put my feet on the floor and thank God for the gift of another day in this life. Then I go to social media to review what’s come in overnight and to communicate with those who reach out to me. I review the latest fashion news about my friends and colleagues and begin to formulate a motivational message that I can send out to those who follow me.”
  • “When was a time when an event went from stress to best?”
    • Every event presents different challenges, from models who do not show up to missing accessories or shoes. No show ever goes off without unexpected events that must be dealt with. The key is to expect the unexpected and to improvise. The public doesn’t know the planned script so the final product is what’s important.
  • “Working fashion shows what is a typical day start to finish?”
    • “The day cannot start without my coffee! LOL Typically I begin by reviewing the lineup for the show, from garments to accessories to make sure everything is correct according to the models who are going to wear them.”
    • “Next I have a meeting with the Team (keeping in mind that the show is based on teamwork). Review any last minute changes. Communication is important.”
    • Check on hair and makeup to ensure everyone knows their assignment and they have what they need to do their work.”
    • “Assign an assistant for each model.”
    • “Rehearse each model so they know their timing and choreography on the runway.”
    • “Coach individual models as needed”
    • “Review final preparations and make sure the team is ready for the show.”
    • “Lights, Cameras, action.”
  • “Working with some of the top fashion magazines, fashion weeks, and photographers what does working behind scenes bring to the final production?”
    • “As with any production, what you see on stage is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much talent, creativity, and intensity that takes place behind the scenes it’s really unbelievable. Working in a creative and cutting-edge industry such as fashion requires quick and innovative thinking, coordination between designers, models, producers, hair and makeup artists, right down to those who take care of the coffee. Every person, no matter how seemingly insignificant to the final product, is essential to the success of that production. I am always amazed at the dedication of everyone involved and how it brings the final show together as a success”
D’ Jesus Trujillo The Walking Man
  • “Image is an important addition with the rise in selfies what is one focus you think could improve a person’s image?”
    • “Confidence! Confidence with a bit of sassiness really provides the charisma that attracts others. Wear it, Own it, Sell it!”
  • “You present a great cohesive style. How did you discover your personal style?”
    • “My style comes from a desire to be sexy, sassy, and fun to work with. My inspiration comes from my native culture in Mexico. I seek ways to use and promote indigenous fashion in the mainstream. Being bold, confident and sometimes outrageous is what inspires me to create and to be who I am.”

Trujillo works this at each event, project, and runway he attends. We always look to see the shoes that tie his personality, style, and confidence together. Many days on Facebook you will find words of wisdom with a picture of one sexy shoe. He practices what he teaches each day.

Trujillo states, “I always encourage everyone to practice, practice, practice and to be comfortable with who you are. Have patience and remember, it’s not enough to dream. You have to take action for those dreams to become reality.” He draws his influence from Coco Chanel.

Chanel demonstrates Trujillo’s statement about never giving up. Chanel’s life story is her determination, energy, and ambition coming from nothing to big global success! His favorite quote from Chanel is, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, in our ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Trujillo lives this each day.

He provides a vision to his life with his personal style, work ethic, and dedication. Keep an eye this year on social media to see the shoes that tie Trujillo’s style, mission, and uniqueness to his inspiration.

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