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Winter Hair Care For a Glamorous Holiday

Winter Hair Care For a Glamorous Holiday

There is always the sun, wind, cold, and wet weather to contend with in the winter months. This brings stress and damage to your hair.

The best hair care to protect your hair and scalp is keeping your hair covered. This will protect your hair. This protection does create a sweat issue that can irritate your scalp. This gentle laundry soap for your hats will help with the irritation. Changing from a wool hat assists with irritation of the scalp’s sensitive skin.

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Hair Styling

Preventing drying of your hair and scalp is a challenge during winter. Hydration is key in the dry winter months. Keeping hydrated will prevent drying hair, skin (even the scalp). Maily O’Neil, the owner of Mai Salon, states, “Hairstyles that do not require any hot tools are:

  • Embracing your natural curl
  • For styling, use a larger comb to comb or with fingers, and damp set with bobby pins.

Limiting your use of drying hair styling products (hair dryer, flat or curling iron) can help with preventing damage to your hair.

Continue keeping your hair trimmed during the winter months to keep hair healthy looking. This keeps the dry and damaged ends from splitting.

Deep condition weekly and limiting hair washing will keep hair healthy and easier to manage. Using a shampoo specifically for the season or your hair type is key to success. We enjoy products from Maple Holistic. They have a fabulous winter shampoo and conditioner for your winter hair. O’Neil says, “using the right shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer product to enhance and set the curls naturally.” It is important to remember to not leave the house with your hair wet. This will risk breaking, further damage, brittle, and drying to your hair.

O’Neil recommends, “Controlling frizzy hair needs humidifying products which attract moisture to control frizz.” Invest in a humidifier to control this frizz. This will add moisture back to your office or home atmosphere. When running the heater it does dry the air. This will prevent frizzy hair often found in the winter months. It also keeps your skin moist and less dry feeling.

Keeping your hair healthy during the winter months will make you the talk of the town through the holidays, Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Send your winter hair selfies here using #4ChionStyle.


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