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Winter Time ~ Your Hands and Feet Care

Winter Time ~ Your Hands and Feet Care

Winter time always brings a new set of challenges for your hands and feet care. The air is dryer and many times your hands and feet become dry. Heels often crack during the winter months. This is the time to take care of your hands and feet to prevent infections and dry skin.

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There are many ways to keep your hands and feet luxurious and beautiful. The following are a few steps to keep your skin protected (this is your body’s largest organ):

  • Cleaning chores wear gloves to protect your skin from chemicals. This prevents drying and burns.
    • Surgical gloves work well and are disposable to protect against germs with reuse
    • Wash hands well after cleaning
    • When completed with chores take a few moments to rub a good lotion into your hands, fingers, and cuticle. We recommend Heaven to Earth (H2E) Spa Collection Coconut Lime Verbena. It is an office favorite.
  • Bath time at bath time use olive oil before your bath. This will seal moisture in your hands and feet. Right after your bath make sure to the moisturizer with a good lotion to seal in moisture. Coconut oil has essential vitamin oils leaving your radiant silky skin creating harmony and replenishment to the body.
  • Gloves wearing gloves prevent the need for using sanitizer when in public as well as keeping the cold dry air from your hands. Use cotton gloves at night. Moisture your hands with Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream and wear with gloves during the night.
  • Scrub using a nice sugar scrub with coconut oil will help exfoliate the top layer of skin and opens the pores. Gently rub the sugar scrub in a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Manicure and Pedicure keeping up on your manicure and pedicures during the winter months. This will keep your heels and cuticle healthy. Always a fun nail color for the holidays is fabulous. We recommend  LV Day Spa in the Phoenix area.  Their locations are recommended by local physicians and physical therapist for patients with diabetes and other health conditions. Their salons are kept sterile and clean.

Ani Michele Nail care Manicure 4chion lifestyle Feet Care

  • Humidifier adding a humidifier in your rooms will bring moisture back in the room. You can also add a nice rose or lavender aromatherapy for a nice calming effect.
Pedicure 4chion lifestyle Feet Care

Winter is a beautiful time of year when family, friends, and neighbors gather to celebrate, party, and enjoy life. You will have the best hands and feet (for the time you need to remove your muddy shoes at the door) at any event.


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