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Zimmermann ~ Victorian Wild West Earth Tones Hit NYFW Runway

Zimmermann ~ Victorian Wild West Earth Tones Hit NYFW Runway

Zimmermann hits the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) autumn-winter 2018 runway with a dedication to the earth, Victorian, and strong women. This fashion collection takes a step to Westworld with the tones, colors, unbridled beauty,  and western styling.

Zimmermann NYFW 4Chion Lifestyle FW18 c
Zimmermann NYFW FW18

The collection brings a strong sense of powerful women during the Victorian period. The fabrics include wool, sartorial, and buttery leather. These fabrics brought a masculinity feel while keeping it feminine the strong presence.

The styling is very earthly taking a woman to the strength she possesses and the power to embrace the freedoms a woman should enjoy. Hats tie over the shoulder, bomber jackets, riding pants, shearling coats, over the knee boots, and the glamorous boots show her soft feminine side while being tough for what the wilderness hold.

Zimmermann NYFW 4Chion Lifestyle FW18
Zimmermann NYFW FW18

The designs are strong Victorian with a hint of the 1980s. The earth tones draw in the southwestern US and soft colors bring a romance to the fashion. This collection brings a strong modern edge to the old. Nicky Zimmermann takes a little step from her traditional bohemian fashion, but there are hints if you look real close to some of the pieces you will see the ruffles and crocheting. Simple and pure really add to the earthy look.

This collection will bring ready-to-wear and simplicity to your fall-winter fashion.


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