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Best Picture Green Book Oscars®

Best Picture Green Book Oscars®

Best Picture

The Best Picture at the 91st Oscars® is Green Book. This story brings forward the fact that we need to sit down and discuss racism in a safe environment.

Green Book Producers

Jim Burke is a producer and actor, known for Green Book (2018), The Descendants(2011) and Election (1999). This film took many puns and knocks during production. Burke responds to this time, “I’ll just say, yes, it was discouraging; but we always went back to the film.  And when we had a bad day, we’d pop in the movie, and we were reminded that we’re all really proud of this film, all of us and all of the over 500 people who helped make it.”

Peter Farrell is a producer and writer, known for Green Book (2018), There’s Something About Mary (1998) and Dumb and Dumber (1994). Farrell talks about his approach to winning, “It’s like if I watch a football game and I need my team to score, I just leave the room, and they will.  If I’m watching them, they won’t.  So I just kind of thought about everything but winning this thing, and it worked.”

Charles B. Wessler is known for his work on There’s Something About Mary (1998), Dumb and Dumber (1994) and It’s Pat: The Movie (1994). Wessler talks about the moment Julia Roberts (he did forget her name) announced Green Book for Best Picture, “I just want to say one thing.  These guys may or may not agree with me, but when I’m forgetting the name of the actress who gave us the award.  I don’t know why.”
Burke states, “Julia Roberts.”
Wessler continues, “Julia Roberts. She opened up thank you.  She opened up the thing, and I’m not kidding, I started to talk to my friend sitting next to me; and she said GREEN BOOK, and I so just to let you know, were we thinking we could win?  I kind of forgot that we could, and, you know.” 

Film Synopsis

The title and subject matter are a reference to “The Negro Motorist Green Book,” also known as “The Negro Travelers’ Green Book.” Published from 1936-1966, the guide helped African-American travelers find lodging, restaurants, and other businesses that would serve them. It eventually covered most of North America, plus Bermuda and the Caribbean. (IMDB)

Film Fun Facts

The real Tony Lip is best known for playing Carmine Lupertazzi on The Sopranos.

The film is dedicated to “Larry the Crow,” a bird that hung around the shooting location. Viggo Mortensen cared for the animal after it was hit by a car.

The film is about “Tony Lip” Viggo Mortensen and Dr. Don Shirley’s relationship and how they changed each other in a time when it was crazy, obviously.


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Photo credit The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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