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Persistance to Look Forward ~ Jackson Thomas Carey

Persistance to Look Forward ~ Jackson Thomas Carey

Jackson Thomas Carey, the producer at The Motive Productions, brings beats to the world of music. Carey began musical training as a young child and quickly found recreating the musical sounds rewarding. His motivation to continue forward with focus and perseverance.

Jackson Thomas Carey The Motive Productions
The Motive Productions

His musical training directed him to the world of recreating musical instruments a true talent. Carey took his raw talent to these creations. His motivation lead him to work in studios as an intern. He was able to learn and grow his raw talent. This training and talent lead to recreating instrumentals for hip hop. He starts with the beat and layers with synthesizers and drums.

Carey believes that perseverance is the key to success with everything. Knowledge of a better life and a stronger future makes this possible. Knowing a real low point in life makes perseverance steadfastness in doing something despite delaying success.

He knows real struggles and low points in life. Five years ago he began a spiral down with the use of opioid pain pills prescriptions from other people’s scripts. His drug use turned from use of other’s prescriptions to heroin. This turn moved him to a time of selfishness and a life of blinders, not seeing the big picture. He looked only for his next fix and that was the focus of his life. Took his drug abuse to overdosing several times.

Soon Carey released that he was being selfish with his drug use.  The journey to take back his life he realized that he was really being a baby about life. That his expectation in life was other’s were to help and do for him. He took the time to conclude he wanted to be a man.

Support came from his family. They took the time to love him but remained strict with their expectations and rules. This turn allowed for Carey to turn the switch back on. He started to see the way and the light.

Jackson Thomas Carey The Motive Production Best Way to Health
Jackson Thomas Carey

This time he really is excited about the person he is. This discovery came through self-discovery. Many close to him are seeing his true self-return again.  The most important message for him is that he needed to do this for himself. “Drug use is very focused on the moment, the now, Carey says. He learned that he lost a huge chunk of time.”

“Time is rare,” Carey states, “As a child time has no meaning. As an adult time is precious and how much it takes each day to get everything done.” His favorite hip-hop artists include A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde. His interest and talent returned with the new direction and focus in his life. He is again creating beats for musicians. This business started with interest from hip-hop artists hearing his beats and purchasing them.

Carey starts each day with plenty of water and a to-do list. His list consists of ten items to focus on. His works to complete each item each day. He will allow one item to move forward if necessary, but this allows him the motivation to stay focused and persevere.


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