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Scrambled Eggs ~ Then There was an Egg

Scrambled Eggs ~ Then There was an Egg

Scrambled eggs are a great go to for breakfast, snack, sandwich, and so much more. Food Hacks for scrambling eggs here.

Scrambled Eggs Food Hacks

There are many ideas on how to create the fluffy moist tastiest scrambled eggs. Many years of working breakfast in food. My tricks and tips are from personal choice and learnings.

Use water instead of milk or cream. The water creates a steam that heats the eggs. Keep them light while cream/milk creates a tougher egg.

Scramble the eggs in a bowl well. Yes this creates more dishes but will add air to create fluffiness and mix the yolk and whites for the best color.

Do not salt and pepper prior to the end of cooking. Adding salt early in preparation will dehydrate the eggs. Pepper will change the color from a bright yellow to dingy yellow.


3 large fresh

1 tsp. water

salt and pepper to taste

2 tsp butter

Place cracked eggs in a bowl. While scrambling eggs till well blended heat skillet with 2 tsp. butter on medium low heat. When pan is warm add eggs to pan let settle until eggs slightly cook on the bottom of the pan. Then begin to scramble with a fork until almost completely cooked. Slightly raw and still shiny. Remove from heat scramble a little more then add salt and pepper to taste. You can add to half toast with avocado, over toast, or a favorite scrambled egg sandwich. You can add fresh chopped green onion on top, add all begal seasoning, or Tabasco sauce. Serving size 1

What is your favorite scrambled egg dish? Post on social media using #4chionstyle.


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