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NYC Taking on Midtown Manhattan ~ Travel

NYC Taking on Midtown Manhattan ~ Travel

Taking on Midtown Manhattan NYC  is a wonderful whirlwind of fun explorations. The time here is brief but full of beautiful fashion, food, and fun.

Exploring Midtown NYC

Empire State Building NYC Vacation Trip 4Chion Lifestyle Blog
Empire State Building
Empire State Building NYC

The building that I had seen in films comes to life today. Entering the lobby I see the beauty of the original interior.  This lobby is a historic landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The lobby’s recent restoration took 18 months to complete. It is an art deco design resembling the original design. The interior is marble, 24-karat gold and aluminum leaf with a large clock, gears, regional map, and a replication of the Empire State Building. There is a rush of people following through the lobby please stop a moment to look around at the details.

Moving through the process to get to the 86th floor you explore the history, the details about the building’s sustainability, and the 80th floor a Dare to Dream exhibit. This is a great experience. Walking the last few flights of stairs to the 86th floor was a lot of fun.

Reaching the 86th floor I am breathless, from climbing the stairs and looking over NYC. It is crowded and people are speaking many languages.

It is amazing to finally be here and see the vastness of the land, water, and buildings. You can see the city below and really don’t hear the commotion. The beauty above is amazing as you look up to see the rest of the building and the blue sky with clouds. It is an experience to not miss while in Midtown NYC.

Midtown NYC


Midtown is the history, fashion, and food of NYC. It is such a wonderful place to explore. The top tourist attraction is within walking distance. The LOVE statue is one of many found around the world. This was first created for print by Robert Indiana.

The love of community is found as I stroll the streets. The beautiful churches, Central Park, and shopping bring NYC home. The families pushing their strollers, skateboarders, and tourist head to Central Park. The park has statues, the  Great Lawn (the world-famous lawn), and vendors. It is a wonderful place in the center of town.

There is so much in this area from Radio City Hall, Rockefeller Center, and fashion. It is like a fashion runway down Madison Ave. You find the top fashion designer shops with exceptional windows displaying the latest fashion. I venture in an Uber through Time Square. It is fun seeing the hustle and bustle that is Time Square from the car.

Afterwards exploring Midtown it is time for fashion. Uber takes me to FDC Young Designer Fashion show at The Paul Hotel. This is a quaint fashion event.

The evening concludes watching the full moon rise over the high rises. It is a wonderful experience to be on the rooftop of the hotel and just be still for 20 minutes. It is a perfect trip.

NYC Fashion Vacation Trip 4Chion Lifestyle Blog
NYC Fashion

Food NYC

Wild Ginger NYC
Wild Ginger NYC 4Chion Lifestyle b
Wild Ginger NYC

This quaint Asian Fusion restaurant is next door to my hotel, Pod 51, in Midtown New York. This is the first food stop in Manhattan. Thankful for this find after being delayed at the airport. The restaurant is full of large parties enjoying an order your favorite roll and share mine. I can hear them discussing what they like about each other’s choices. That is a fun way to enjoy a menu.  The decor is transforming, and fitting for the theme. The menu is filled with a variety of traditional Asian and fusion dishes like Singapore thin rice noodles. Enjoyed steamed veggie dumplings, salmon roll, and mermaid roll. The sauce on the plate is sweet, sour, and a little heat. The food is fresh and elegant.

Milk Bar NYC
MIlk Bar NYC Road Trip 4Chion Lifestyle 1
Milk Bar NYC

I am excited to try crack pie and coffee for breakfast. This is a planned find in NYC. Watching Chef’s Table on Netflix. I knew I needed to try Milk Bar. This is Christine Tosi’s bakery and is part of the Manhattan-based Momofuku restaurant.

This is my first stop in the morning. The little shop has great cookies, cakes, pies, and bagel bombs. I order an iced coffee, bagel bomb with spinach, and crack pie. The bagel bomb warm and filled with spinach and cheese. It is a nice bite for the start of touring NYC.

I save the crack pie for a little later, but it is delicious. The filling is something like a custard, but buttery. The oat crust is light and flaky. This is a must stop and see.

Pizza NYC Vacation Trip 4Chion Lifestyle Blog
Pizza NYC
$1 Pizza NYC

The little find during the day is Market Pizza. It is a small little shop off 6th ave. It is $2.99 for two slices of pizza and soda. This is a great place for a traditional New York pizza. It is good, friendly, and always ready. They have a variety of pizzas. There is a small communal area to sit and eat your pizza before heading back on my NYC adventure. Always fun to explore these great places.

Pescatore NYC
Pescatore NYC Road Trip 4Chion Lifestyle
Pescatore NYC

Walking Midtown after a day of exploring and the fashion event I am overwhelmed with the choices near the hotel. The restaurants’ selection vast and enticing aromas. This is the last stop for food in New York City. The dilemma is decided as rain begins to fall. I wonder into Pescatore. It is a traditional setting with the seasonal tulips on each table. My waiter is Bryan Royas. He is very informative about the menu and attentive.

It is a really amazing experience to see spaghetti Carbonaro prepared tableside. This dish is pancetta, onions, pecorino cheese & egg mixed in a Parmigiano wheel. The family sitting near me order this dish. There is something about seeing the food prepared tableside. The smells, sounds, and visual bring anticipation.

I enjoy pasta ripiena, warm bread, with Bousquet Mendoza Argentina Malbec, and dessert. The staff that brings me zeppoles with fruit dipped in brandy. The ripiena is homemade pasta sheet stuffed with fresh spinach, ricotta, topped with tomato sauce and crispy parmigiana.

The homemade pasta is delectable and the tomato sauce fresh. The dessert is light and sweet the vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry sauces. The raspberry sauce is my favorite brings a little tart to the sweet. The fruit with the brandy is scrumptious.

Loved the 48 hours in Midtown and look forward to returning. It is a wonderful exploration. What are your favorite places in Midtown? Post your answer and photo #4ChionStyle here.

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